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911 text messaging

Send text messages to 911
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The 911 service should be able to receive text messages. Imagine if you heard someone breaking into your home, but they didn't know where in the house. Imagine if you'd just witnessed a crime and the perpetrators didn't know you were there. Instead of potentially giving yourself away by talking on the phone, you could just send a text message to 911, thus summoning help without compromising your own safety.
impudent strumpet, Oct 21 2003

Similar http://www.xiam.com...gencyservices.shtml
[Helium, Oct 04 2004]

And this is similar to the similar one http://www.globalid...widea.php?idea=4851
[Helium, Oct 04 2004]

The UK system http://www.odsc.org/news/textmessage.htm
text your 999 calls [oneoffdave, Oct 04 2004]


       <BEEP, BEEP. BEEP, BEEP> "Thank-you for your message. An officer is on their way."
silverstormer, Oct 21 2003

       "Just the text, ma'am."
--Sgt. Joe Friday (WTAGIPBAN)
krelnik, Oct 21 2003

       The emergency services in the West Midlands in the UK are trailing this system for deaf people, with a view to extending it to the whole UK, following Home Office approval [link].
oneoffdave, Oct 22 2003

       Ideal, especially for slasher movies.
crunkindonuts, Dec 14 2003

       hlp i m bn mrdrd :( plz cn u hlp :P ty :( :( :(
phundug, Dec 15 2003

       This service has been implemented in Kuala Lumpur recently. Follow this link http://www.utusan.com.my/utusan/content.asp?y=2003&dt=1218&pub=Utusan_Express&sec=Home_News&pg=hn_09.htm
azli, Dec 22 2003

       Was about to post this but you got there before me.   

wagster, Nov 13 2007

       Damnit. I was about to post my idea, TXT 911. In my idea, anyone could send a text message to '911' and have it read by a 911 operator. The penalties for abusing the service would be the same as hanging up the phone after dialing 911 on a phone. A smaller fee imposed would in addition would be an inappropriate use fee. I think this could aid in many situations. Texting can be faster to some, and clearer, easier to understand than speaking.
evilpenguin, Mar 10 2011

       //hlp i m bn mrdrd :( plz cn u hlp :P ty :( :( :(//   

       I laughed so hard I almost wet myself. In fact I think I am nominating this anno for the Half bakery anno hall of fame. If there is not an HB anno hall of fame then I am going to make one.
MikeD, Mar 10 2011

       "<BEEP, BEEP. BEEP, BEEP> "Thank-you for your message. An officer is on their way.""   

       If this were implemented I think the phone should only have a screen notification for any messages from 911 if you sent one in the last 5 minutes. How would they implement this on existing phones? Most phones, even several older ones that have little internet functionality, can check for updates online. This could be added in an update.   

       Also, who says the operator can't send back an automated message (via a single button press) to something like Phundug said saying "Sorry, we cannot understand that message. Please be more clear" or something along those lines.   

       For this to work though your phone would have to have GPS capabilities to pinpoint your approximate location because if you're on a cell phone, you might be at, say, someone else's house (with their permission of course) or at a store that's being held up or something like that.
Dickcheney6, Dec 31 2012


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