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Cellphone SMS Programming

Cellular networks that provide a SMS messaging service that supports simple scripting
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I would like to be able to send SMS (SMS is a text messaging service) messages to other people that include some sort of scripting. This would be ideal for questionnaires, asking whether somebody will attend a meeting, etc,etc - the uses are limitless. I realise that other technologies (such as WAP and IMode - [thanks jutta that's the word I was looking for] ) provide just this kind of ability but none of them are ubiquitous enough to be realistically useful.
Alphabox, Jan 29 2001

Nextel online two-way messaging http://messaging.ne...m/cgi/faq.html#twm1
An example for a very, very small scripting capability (in Nextel alphnumeric pager messages, sent via email or website). Two tildes below a message introduce response lines that can be selected and sent back to the originator. [jutta, Jan 29 2001]

Her.ph http://Her.ph
'Post' from your SMS phone to write a note. 'Read' from your SMS phone to read a note. [pathetic, Jan 29 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       SMS is ubiquitous because it's simple, old tech, consumes very little bandwidth, widely supported in phone hardware and therefore dead cheap to implement.   

       You want to make it more complex with a new addition that would require more bandwidth and support from phone hardware. In short, you want to make it more expensive.   

       You can't really have it both ways...
egnor, Jan 29 2001

       I think the best route for this technology is XML based of course. Perhaps SOAP even. *BUT* I think that people in general ask general questions. Therefore, a public free forms database would not only allow for very simple transmission (64bit UID), but the responses would be more easily verified and persisted. That is really the work at hand when dealing with forms.
nanomid, Jan 30 2001

       "The uses are limitless" - people could even write "viruses" on them though. IE: Someone could erase your inbox / phonebook by opening a message ....
modula, Apr 04 2001

       Dan, you're such a pessimist. Your comments have an expiration date, i.e. expensive generally becomes cheaper over time.
troydoux, Mar 22 2002

       hi, i don't know if you guys can help me but i'm asked to create a program in visual basic 6.0 where in i have to connect a cellphone to my computer and i would be able to retrieve, send or manipulate the messages from and to the cellphone. any of you guys have an idea? i would very much appreciate it. thanks :)
esthon_wood, Jun 26 2003


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