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AIDS Donut

A way to reduce AIDS viral load in a paitient.
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When the AIDS virus enters the human body it latches onto a specific receptor site on the cell it infects, and injects its RNA into to the cell where, using the celluar machinery it creates new AIDS virus copies until the cell explodes, the viruses are released and the process repeats itself. My idea is to create a substance that will mimic the receptor site, the AIDS virus will attach to the "AIDS Donut" and release its RNA, which will then float around (hopefully) in the intracelluar spaces, harmlessly, until it falls apart or is eaten by a macrophage. The upshot of this is that every AIDS virus that latches onto an AIDS Donut will be a virus that won't infect a cell, won't produce more copies, and therefore reduce the total viral load in the body, hopefully to the point where the imune system can recover to the point where it can fight off the infections that kill AIDS paitents, until such time as somebody comes up with a cure for AIDS. Ok, so where's my Nobel Prize?
Hirudinea, Jun 09 2009

CD4 as a therapy http://www.ncbi.nlm...es&logdbfrom=pubmed
here is one. I am not sure why they stuck that poison onto it. [bungston, Jun 10 2009]


       I am pretty sure this was tried. I think it was soluble CD4 receptor. Lets see if I can find a link.
bungston, Jun 10 2009

       I was expecting a thing with which you could have unprotected sex without worrying about contracting any viruses.
zen_tom, Jun 10 2009

       I was expecting a fried dough confection* optimized to make AIDS sufferers feel better.   

       *Wikipedia's definition
notexactly, Jun 14 2019

       I was expecting us to be living on the moon and wearing silver clothes by the time I was this old.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 14 2019

       ... instead of which you're using old copies of the Sun as bedclothes and living on a park bench.   

       On the plus side, your flying car is ready.
8th of 7, Jun 14 2019

       On first reading, I thought that was some weird way of saying "sleeping naked outside in the daytime". It actually only makes a little bit less sense than what I now think you meant.
notexactly, Jun 14 2019


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