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Allergy AIDS

The end of all allergies.
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First of all, I just learned in my Biology class that allergies are controlled by the immune system, which also fights bacteria, etc. AIDS suppresses the immune system, so why no create some form of AIDS that only suppresses the part of the immune system that fights allergens (the particles that cause allergies in many). Behold, a beneficial virus! (hey, it doesn't have to be an STD this time around, although that would be nice :)
guyonthecouch, Jun 28 2001

How Stuff Works: Allergies http://www.howstuffworks.com/allergy.htm
[jutta, Jun 28 2001]


       I just learned in my software class that computer viruses live on computers. A drop from a four-story window usually takes out a computer, so why not create some form of drop that only kills the part of a computer that viruses live in. Behold, a beneficial four-story drop!   

       More seriously, we're only beginning to understand how AIDS and the immune system really work. I think that within your lifetime, people will probably figure out how to "engineer" smaller proteins that carry out specific repair jobs within the body, and then, indeed, all kinds of previously unthought-of cures will become possible. But this is much too large a scale. You're messing with a complex system that involves different cells in different combinations, and taking out one specific cell might be as absurd as taking out a computer to fight a "virus" on it.
jutta, Jun 28 2001

       The problem is that the body needs allergies to fight off many things, its just that pollen and dust allergies are in some peoples systems overdone for what they actually need to accomplish...
coldshade, Sep 25 2001

       Actually this isn't -all- that bad an idea. You have hit on the fact that viruses are a nice way to engineer living people- that's what they do for a living. Half living. Not-really-livi- ah heck, that's what they do anyways. AIDS is not a particularly good virus to use as your vector though. By its very nature, it mutates very quickly from one generation to the next. The first few virus particles that infect your allergy sufferer will do their job- and their descendants will do whatever the hell they want.   

       Oh and what coldshade just said is true.
Madcat, Oct 28 2003


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