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aids prevention vaccine

change ejaculate fluid source (prostate or seminal vesicles) to minimize hiv particle amount; creating a third or tenth the transmissivity
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With ejaculation there is goop, among those with aids that goop carries aids; thus if just a tenth of ejaculate volume were there then transmission would be a tenth as frequent This creates numerous medical pharmaceutical opportunities to reduce ejaculate volume; better yet amplify nonhiv dilution fluid: there is strong published support that ejaculatory fluid from either seminal vesicles (majority of fluid near 2/3) or prostate will have a differnt amount of particles

Thus drying up the prostate (or seminal vesicles) while creating greater sexual satisfaction could be popular ways to reduce aids among developing countries. An aids prevention vaccine that targets certain prostate (or seminal vesicle)tissues making them thicker may filter or modify the hiv particle to fluid ratio as well as create greater amount of fluid from the hiv minimal source. There could be an immunization that reduces transmission to a third or tenth current transmission amounts. of value is the idea of a vaccine that is only immune active against prostate(or seminal vesicle) tissue for a few years thus reducing hiv transmission prior to age thirty

of these two fluid sources amplifying the less hiv transmissive source makes it that there is pleasant (or hyper pleasant) fluid amount during ejaculation

pubmed.org notes that: different pharmaceuticals have prostate/seminal fluid ratios like 27 / 7.6 or 2.0 / 9.9. That published evidence on chemicals suggests that hiv particle concentrations might be 4 or 5 times different with fluid producing organs

material at pubmed from the article supports the idea that the amount of hiv particles differs between different areas

The technology

First the pill or vaccine that dries up the hiv fluid source while amplifying the hiv minimized fluid source most likely based on anibodies or a dose of tissue modifying goop like cyanoacrylate direct to the area

a nocturnal emission pill may create minimized hiv amount as well. bremelanotide http://en.wikipedia.org/ wiki/ Bremelanotide may create nocturnal emissions; it is possible frequent ejaculation reduces hiv particle amount thus a drug or vaccine that causes nocturnal emissions could reduce hiv transmissiveness strongly perhaps to a third or tenth

herbal aspect: with beverages people could have Erotic Force(tm) hiv prevention alcoholic drinks as part of their social lives. Perhaps an herb like saw palmetto or the opposite could be a part of viagra-like minus hiv drinks popular at the developing n developed world; jagermeister that reduces hiv particles

beanangel, Jun 04 2008

chemicals have different affinities between organs http://www.ncbi.nlm...nel.Pubmed_RVDocSum
different pharmaceuticals have prostate/seminal fluid ratios like 27 / 7.6 or 2.0 / 9.9. That published evidence on chemicals suggests that hiv particle concentrations might be 4 or 5 times different with fluid producing organ [beanangel, Jun 04 2008]

human hiv variation http://www.ncbi.nlm...nel.Pubmed_RVDocSum
[beanangel, Jun 04 2008]

sperm, as well as the various fluids have different hiv amount http://www.ncbi.nlm...nel.Pubmed_RVDocSum
hiv particles are at both fluid as well as spermatocytes; reducing fluid reduces viral amount; HIV RNA was present in 23 of 82 specimens (28%) (mean 2.87 log copies/ml.) before vasectomy and in 38 of 121 specimens (31%) after vasectomy [beanangel, Jun 05 2008]


       How will I fill all those chocolates now?
4whom, Jun 04 2008

       Hollow valentine's spit chocolates?
theleopard, Jun 04 2008

       [-] for using the word 'goop.'
etherman, Jun 04 2008

lostdog, Jun 04 2008

       Ah, you mean Spooj!
theleopard, Jun 04 2008

       // thus if just a tenth of ejaculate volume were there then transmission would be a tenth as frequent// Not necessarily true. In fact, almost necessarily not true. However, let's not quibble about matters of linearity - this would be akin to finding fault in the paintwork on the leaning tower of Pisa.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 04 2008

       This would not be a vaccine, as those are applied to the person who does not want to get a disease. This would instead be useful for applying to people who already have the disease, in order to make it less likley for them to spread the idea.   

       Trouble is, I highly doubt you will get anyone to willingly consume such a drink. Some with HIV are in denial, some try to spread the illness as much as possible as "Payback" and others simply do not care.   

       Imagine yourself, infected with the deadly, uncurable disease, sitting at the club, and someone asks "Hey, what's that you're drinking?" you say "Oh, this little coctail adjusts my ejaculate fluid so I'm less likely to pass AIDS on to my partner." You've just told them you want to have sex, and that having sex with you could kill them. Not much of a turn on I would think.   

       You might look into whether or not such a coctail could be surreptiously injected into the water supply.
ye_river_xiv, Jun 04 2008

       [marked-for-deletion] magic. User specifies what he wants the pill to do, but not how it works, nor the mechanisms behind the intended function. He does shed meager light on some possible mechanisms, but with a gross amount of hand waving.   

       Also, there is a nonlinearity to the ejacualte volume:transmissivity ratio that the user has ignored.
daseva, Jun 05 2008

       yay thoughtful comments   

       "nonlinearity" [MB, daseva] at the link it says that hiv rna pre then post vasectomy is near a third, with the notable aspect that without sperm, that is fluid only, hiv load is equal   

       to me this is strongly suggestive that a tenth the fluid delivers near a tenth the viral amount, there is the opportunity to find out if sperm made with hiv viruses amongst their cytosoma are differently active than fluid viral particles   

       "magic" [daseva] with a cyanoacrylate vasectomy the superglue blocks the vas as an effective procedure; cyanoacrylate on the ducts of the seminal vesicle or prostate should be similarly functional   

       as a vaccine the idea is that antibodies to seminal vesicle or prostate tissue (particularly secretory tissue)would minimize secretion volume   

       here is a nifty sociological application: screen everybody for hiv; then offer the positives 300k if they get a fluid optimization procedure creating a tenth (or less, they might use creams or whatever) transmissivity; 300k is much less than the social cost of an aids case (gwb administration places a human life value near 6 or 7 million) plus there is a large perceived benefit   

       thats why I call this idea an aids prevention vaccine; it protects the group rather than the person though   

       I think this is an actual idea   

       I think the idea of a paying at risk groups (with or without testing) to take a pill that gives them wet dreams is also funny; its an authentic idea yet there is just a little amusement potential; imagine switching from an abstinence campaign to a masturbate twice a day campaign; or a masturbate prior to intercourse to last longer n be cleaner campaign hints of funny   

       only hints though: humanist magazine says US put aside 55 Billion dollars to fight aids globally; politically that was modified to 27.7 Billion actual effort 27.7 Billion "tell them not to have intercourse" funding; I think telling people to masturbate twice a day or "prep" might go over more effectively
beanangel, Jun 05 2008

       it's also eugenics. the "fluid" is there for a reason, not just as a decoration. Two people with AIDS can bear and raise an HIV neg baby. This is one area we might focus on in addition to a real cure or vaccine.
WcW, Jun 05 2008

       If someone has AIDS they shouldn't be allowed to have sex with anyone that doesn't know they have AIDS. I see no difference between that and murder. Also I don't think telling people to masturbate twice a day would make any difference. And masturbating before having sex is also a bad idea.
Flipmastacash, Jun 05 2008

       beanie baby, I'm not saying that you can't reduce the amount of virus in an ejaculate (though it's all a bit dodgy). I'm simply saying that reducing it by a third is unlikely to reduce transmission by a third, any more than shooting someone once in the head will necessarily be a third as lethal as shooting them three times.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 05 2008

       yay honest comments   

       I think this goes well with the idea that was here, where items a person has with their purse could have a number of different medical functions; perhpas makeup could be formulated to also be like those hiv minimizing creams   

       [mb] i think i have read that hundreds of vaginal contacts are typical prior to passing hiv; thus changing hiv load per ejaculation gives the opportunity to skip being infected   

       the idea is kindly purposed, I thought of it just prior to being poisoned rather than during the poisoning event
beanangel, Jun 06 2008


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