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AI greeter

humanlike face for doors
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This device would consist of an AI chatterbot with a face capable of moving the mouth in line with the words it says and making expressions. It would have a speaker in the back and could be hung on the outside of a door where a knocker usually is. It would attempt to converse with anyone nearing the door.
Voice, Aug 05 2010


       I thought this was "Al greeter", as in an older guy in a blue vest, who's mother calls him Albert, who smiles at me when I go into Wal-Mart.   

       Artificial Intelligence isn't quite at this point, and technology close to this isn't of the type you would risk leaving hung to an outside door.
Cedar Park, Aug 05 2010

       One could dress the chatterbot as a kung fu warrior and enable it to speak appropriately. Some mismatch between mouth movements and words emitted would then be appropriate.
bungston, Aug 05 2010

       [Cedar_Park] It doesn't have to work well -- just well enough to amuse your friends, and/or creep out unwanted visitors. The major problem is that you'd have a crowd outside your front door all the time playing with it. Perhaps best for an apartment, where the general public doesn't have access.
mouseposture, Aug 06 2010

       AI? *reads* instabun for you
xxobot, Aug 06 2010


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