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Anti-slam Household Rage Control

A centrifugally actuated door-mounted pad
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It's only natural to slam doors when you're angry, but why risk cracked plaster, fallen pictures, and awakened babies? The Anti-slam Household Rage Control system not only prevents you from making too much noise and shaking the walls, it also makes you feel better.

When you heave a door shut with sufficient speed, a little pad (mounted in the upper corner) swings out and inserts itself between the door and the door frame. The pad contains a bellows and special pipes, so instead of a loud BANG, all you get is a tension-relieving "cuckoo" sound.

AO, Jan 29 2008


       "Hah hah cuckoo" [+]
skinflaps, Jan 29 2008

       From my days of slamming doors angrily, I wonder how you would protect the walls from fists (and vice versa) ?
DrCurry, Jan 29 2008

       //From my days of slamming doors angrily, I wonder how you would protect the walls from fists (and vice versa)?//   

Noexit, Jan 29 2008

       Give the walls the ability to hit back, attack being the best form of defence, etc.
hippo, Jan 29 2008

       Hulk Smash!!   

       Hulk rip door off hinges to use as hammer on cuckoo device! [+]
zen_tom, Jan 29 2008

       A + for the idea, but the title is a misnomer, as there is nothing here to control the rage, just what the rage may cause.
xandram, Jan 29 2008

       This idea might just provoke far more dangerous slow-burning rage involving power tools.
pertinax, Jan 29 2008

       I keep reading this wrong and expecting some controversial, socio-religious rant about domestic abuse in Muslim ant farms.   

       It's not, of course, but it's only one hyphen's decimal place away...
theleopard, Jan 30 2008

       What if "cuckoo" sounds make you really angry?
angel, Jan 30 2008

       you could slam the cuckoo's little door.   

       I had to vote - because the slam is what it is all about for me. Falling plaster is just the icing on the cake. so to speak.
dentworth, Jan 30 2008


       Like a lot of [AO]'s ideas, this is brilliantly simple and useful.   

       A whoopie cushion sound would deflate that grand exit pretty well, too.
nomocrow, Jan 30 2008

       Door airbags perhaps? They have a very cathartic (but harmless) explosion effect. One time use only though. Although in situations such as those, I'd recommend a stop at your local Arrgh!'s affiliate, failing that the aromatherapist.
Spacecoyote, Jan 31 2008


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