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AOIP (Alarm Over IP)

Your cell phone notifies you when an alarm goes off in your house.
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What you would need:
- Always on internet connection
- Wireless network
- Alarms that can connect to your network

What it would do:
You would be able to setup different alarms that would send an email or txt message to your mobile phone when the alarm goes off. Also it would be able to send status messages for different parts of the house.

Types of alarms:
- Fire and Smoke
- Motion Alarms
- Door status (locked or unlocked, open or closed)
- Garage status (open or closed)
- Stove status (on or off)
- Light status (on or off)
- Window status (locked or unlocked, open or closed)

If you were on vacation you can get a message sent to your phone that the door has been opened, and motion has been detected throughout your house.

mos8ball, Aug 21 2005


       Oh... I just can't be bothered.
moomintroll, Aug 21 2005

       "phone home"   

       surely we've done this?
po, Aug 21 2005

       You seem to love doing stuff over an IP
DesertFox, Aug 21 2005

       Yes, the internet has so much potential which we haven't even scratched the surface of.
mos8ball, Aug 22 2005

       The video monitoring over cell phone would perform the same function as seeing if your door is open or if there's a fire, however, it is quite costly for an average person. You would need an expensive camera in every room you want to monitor and also an expensive phone that can go on the internet and display video.
mos8ball, Aug 22 2005

reensure, Aug 22 2005

       An average person wouldn't spend $700 on a video system. They may pay $20 for a small device that simply sends a text to their mobile phone letting them know if they closed their garage.
mos8ball, Aug 22 2005


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