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B.B. Home Defense System

Aimed at thigh and groin level for maximum non-lethal pain.
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Automated automatic B.B. gun turrets mounted below windows and beside doors. Infrared sensors detect anybody coming within 30 feet. Loudspeakers shout out "stop or you will be shot!" If the target closes to 25 ft, the loudspeaker shouts out "Have it your way!" If the target gets within 20 feet, the guns aim and fire at the mid-section. If the target gets within 10 feet, it aims for the face. Makes very loud, authentic sound of an AK-47 from hidden speakers, and spot-lights illuminate the entire lawn at first 30-ft detection. Security cameras record the entire thing for legal defense.

If the intruder is smaller than, say, a large housecat, only the motion-sensitive sprinklers come on to conserve ammunition.

Lots of lighted warning signs and a fence should save the homeowner from any potential lawsuits for injured eyes.

21 Quest, Nov 25 2006

carharts http://www.goldmanb...carhart-history.php
Just so you know. [Chefboyrbored, Nov 25 2006]

Mythbusters - What is bulletproof? http://kwc.org/myth...r_death_ray_sk.html
[spidermother, Dec 23 2006]


       This appeals to me right now, as I had an attempted break-in 2 days ago. Thankfully they failed to gain entry. Two gripes though : Firstly, you contradict yourself by stating in the summary that the BBs would be aimed at thigh & groin level, then saying that at 10ft they would aim at the face. Secondly, don't expect any post for the forseeable future. Bun temporarily withheld.
jtp, Nov 25 2006

       A simple pair of carharts and some decent goggles would give me ample defence.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 25 2006

       Goggles may protect the eyes, but not the rest of the face, unless you're wearing a paintball mask. And the noise and lights alone are enough to scare off all but the most determined prowlers. The point is, even if you make it all the way to the house, the hail of steel B.B.'s will have slowed you considerably, and the noise will have me and my dog up and armed (with something considerably more substantial than a B.B. gun, I assure you) waiting for you.
21 Quest, Nov 25 2006

       If the burglar knew about this system it would be easy for him to use armor or trick the system somehow. I don't think computer programs have become advanced enough that they can't be easily circumvented by some simple way.

       I suppose depending on what laws say this could mean legal problems. Laws aside, it could be an effective deterrent.
twitch, Nov 26 2006

       Bun, not because I think it would work, but because I can imagine burglars returning fire, desperate to destroy the turrets. Soon a form of trench warfare would appear. Then we would have to upgrade the turrets, they would respond in kind, and soon an arms race is stating on my lawn.
Germanicus, Nov 26 2006

       I would much rather see paintballs being used than B.B.s. That way even if they do run away you can catch them. Perhaps indelible ink balls.
tastycat, Nov 26 2006

       As you wish. I was using B.B.'s because the sting like a b*tch. No reason you couldn't replace the B.B. guns with paintball guns! Hell, flourescent paint would be awesome!
21 Quest, Nov 26 2006

       What would this system do to cars that happened to be parked on the street when the system detected an intruder?
ye_river_xiv, Dec 22 2006

       Actually, I have watched that movie a few times lately. But the idea was inspired (painfully) during a BB gun fight. My brother shot me in the thighs and buttocks at least a dozen times, and the pain was such that I could barely move. And that was with plastic B.B.'s.

       As far as cars on the street.... that's a good question, and one I hadn't thought of. Perhaps if the fence (which I did suggest in the post) had polycarbonate inserts between the wood/metal/plastic parts. That would be quite stylish, I think, and polycarbonate will easily stop a B.B.. I saw an episode of MythBusters where they tested how bulletproof the stuff is, and it stopped a .357 Magnum round dead in its tracks. The test piece was a quarter-inch thick.
21 Quest, Dec 23 2006

       //quarter-inch// Actually, the quarter inch polycarbonate was penetrated by a low-powered .22 rifle. Thicker, bullet-resistant-rated polycarbonate stopped the .357 Magnum.
spidermother, Dec 23 2006

       I thought they used the same thickness for both. The .22 didn't penetrate the polycarbonate at all. The only thing that actually penetrated was the old WW2-era Springfield Arms 30-06.

       Or maybe I remember it wrong. Either way, a quater-inch should easily stop a B.B., though.
21 Quest, Dec 23 2006


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