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ASCII - Augmented Social Control for Internet Interfacing

Invite Big Brother (and Sister and Mom and Dad) to your desktop
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Every veteran procrastinator knows how easy it is to simulate work while browsing your favorite weather or news site or the more entertaining corners of the internet like the halfbakery and porn. And no work gets done.

If you really want to concentrate on the task, install ASCII on your desktop. Every now and then it will send a screenshot of your desktop together with a list of window and browser tab titles to your social control group which has previously been invited by yourself to help you keep your deadlines. Include your spouse, your mom and your rabbi to make sure you will finish even ahead of the deadline. You will never know if and when they have been watching you except when they start bickering.

When you're done, close ASCII and happily return to the porn site still open on your second computer.

Toto Anders, Feb 03 2015

not this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASCII
The Original [popbottle, Feb 03 2015]


       No reason why you couldn't export this data to facebook, so that everyone you've ever met knows about how long you spent looking at pictures of jackalopes instead of on task.
calum, Feb 04 2015

       What [calum] said, except why stop at Facebook? Purchase an electronic billboard and send it the output of your video card in real time.
Voice, Feb 04 2015


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