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A supported framework of websites for constructive discussions
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Constructive Websites (marked as such) will have only constructive feedback and no destructive or negative talkback.

A framework for allowing the websites joining this "ring" to "keep it constructive" will be supplied.

I recently saw a stumbledUpon link to a cute idea drawn by an architect about "slow travel" on "artificial clouds". The talkback was mostly violently opposed to the idea, showing it to be non practical and dangerous. If it were on a ConstructiveWeb post, those apposed would have to choose their wording in a way that besides showing what problems they envision, would offer changes that should and could be done, so that it works.

There can be meta-rings, with communities that discuss different topics, so there is no need for overall censorship, but within a ring, the community will abide to that community's standards on what is constructive.

Of course, a real bad post will simply be left in a haunting total silence for eternity.

pashute, Feb 02 2014


       //Of course, a real bad post will simply be left in a haunting total silence for eternity.//   

       Oooh, that smarts. Seeing as how my last post on the Bakery is currently sitting in haunting, total silence.
AusCan531, Feb 02 2014

       auscan how do all your ideas have only pastry?
pashute, Feb 26 2014


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