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Farting Website

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I am not responsible for this idea. I am posting it on behalf of the Intercalary, who has been in a gleefully childish mood ever since he tried some exotic tea from Borneo.

The Farting Website has an innocent-looking URL, and the front page of it consists mainly of a complex table full of numbers and graphs that could be relevant to any business.

Simply email a colleague, who is known to work in a quiet but crowded cube office, telling them you've found something interesting and to see link. Approximately 5 seconds after the webpage has loaded, and assuming they haven't turned off the sound on their computer, a spectacular farting noise will emerge from their cubicle.

That's all there is. I did tell the Intercalary that this was a stupid idea, but would he listen?

MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 30 2018

Zombo.com http://www.zombo.com/
For some unknown reason this Idea made me think about a different and just-as-simple website. It's been consistent in what it does for roughly two decades. [Vernon, Jan 30 2018]


       The computer lab I had access to at university was one of those old UNIX-based systems that had about 50 monitors, keyboards and mice all connected to the same central computer.   

       It didn't take long to work out that there was no security on it at all, and anybody could open a web browser window on any terminal in the room.   

       Oh, the hilarity that would have ensued if they'd had sound.
Wrongfellow, Jan 30 2018

       The IT guys at a company I worked at used to do this to every new person at the company, only it was a very loud alarm-clock noise that would periodically start up again causing much hilarity.
TomP, Jan 31 2018

       You know, there are farting websites aplenty for people with certain tastes. I've even been asked to contribute but politely declined.
nineteenthly, Jan 31 2018

       Meanwhile... back at the ol'factory Lance Flatule. a man of great effluence in the community, fires up the Dutch-oven, cuts the cheese and prepares to let er rip.   

       It's all in a daze work.   


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