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ATM Status Indicator

for mobile banking apps.
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Every decent mobile banking app has an ATM locator built in. Haven't seen one yet that'll warn you that the nearest one is out of order to save you a trip, and that's the big idea: a simple add-on or plugin to mobile banking apps and banking websites that displays the operational status (functioning within normal parameters or out of order) next to each machine in the ATM locator.
21 Quest, Jun 19 2012


       Slightly more Lo-Tech, how about a big "hazard warning light" style button that you can press, and or that automatically triggers a light for a big red "Out of order" sign above the screen, rather like the "On Air" red light in studios. If you attempt to use the ATM and it fails to give Cash, accept any cards etc, you could hit the button giving you a pleasant release of frustration. The ATM would of course be able to reset on a timer an hour later, and if the button is again triggered then its pretty obvious that it still doesn't work and it should stay on all day till someone can fix the problem, i.e. fill it up with money, and reset the light. Just the other day I was stuck in a queue thinking, is everyone here stupid or does that other machine actually work? then to my relief and pleasant smugness two people tried it and failed.
PainOCommonSense, Jun 19 2012

       Nothing like the satisfaction of vindication...
21 Quest, Jun 19 2012

       Ummm... they usually have a big, red or green panel up, showing status, along with an OUT OF ORDER message on screen, if they're not working. Unless banks aren't that helpful over there?
UnaBubba, Jun 20 2012

       Well yes, but you don't see that panel until you've already driven/bused/walked to the ATM, following the directions in the bank's friendly ATM Locator. Then you have to find another ATM, and unless the next-closest ATM belongs to your branch, you'll be paying an ATM fee in addition to the cost of extra time and fuel/bus fare/energy.
21 Quest, Jun 21 2012

       so what you really need is something like the batman searchlight. so people can tell from a distance the cashpoint is empty...large balloon for daytime use
not_morrison_rm, Jun 24 2012

       Over here, which may not be the same as "over there", there is no indication until you're standing in the queue. I would want extra features such as the smallest denomination of note available. I dislike unnecessarily large wads of cash as they can get taken, lost or unnecessarily spent or borrowed.
nineteenthly, Jun 24 2012

       Available denominations and fees for non-customers would be immensely helpful. I wonder if there's an app that lists ATM fees already... <goes off to search the Android Market>
21 Quest, Jun 24 2012

       Nope... lots of ATM locators, some even say if there is a surcharge, but not a single one I've found says how much the fee is or what denominations are available.
21 Quest, Jun 24 2012

       If you ATMs are anything like the ones we have, ours periodically just freeze with no error message, and I appreciate my over complicated solution would probably also freeze.

       As for denominations I have seen ATMs over here that do periodically show messages of "£20 notes only" on the front, presumably in actual fact this is a frozen message and the ATM has crashed.
PainOCommonSense, Jun 26 2012

       ATMs are a compromise, to my mind. I find it frustrating that they, here in Australia anyway, limit you to a choice of $20 or $50 notes and a daily withdrawal limit of $1000.

       I'd prefer to see them dispense $100 notes and the daily limit raised to an amount that is more in keeping with the user's spending habits, at their discretion.
UnaBubba, Jun 26 2012

       50s would be nice. Here in the USA you get 20s and (very rarely) 10s. No higher denomination available that I've seen, in any of the MANY states through which I've traveled.
21 Quest, Jun 26 2012


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