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Cross-Country Skis with brush guards
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After a recent snow-infused pheasant hunting trip in upper Iowa, I found that slightly crunchy foot-deep snow is extremely tiring to trudge through while wearing standard mukluks.
I propose cross-country skis with a blade-shaped leading edge that continues in a sort of logarithmic curve to the top of the riders shin. The aftmost third of this curve is flexible, either stiff cloth or flexible plastic, to accomodate slight movement.
How in the world can I put this into words... I think I will illustrate it. Early anno'ers and voters, sit tight for a bit and I I'll get it posted.
roleohibachi, Jan 01 2006

Cheap illustration http://img526.image...292/untitled5pm.gif
Quick & easy line drawing of the item [roleohibachi, Jan 01 2006]


       Why would this device be better than the ski as it exists right now? If you're planning on being in soft, deep snow reguarly, then get a wide pair of skis. They won't sink as much, nor get as much snow on top. Wider skis aren't so good on packed snow however.
danpat, Jan 02 2006

       Sorry, should have elaborated more. It's a brush guard, meaning that when one is traveling over ground with slight cover (like you would when pheasant hunting), the device would separate the incoming grass and other vegetation. This would allow the user to traverse ground with medium-sized vegetation (although with some extra effort).
roleohibachi, Jan 02 2006

       So its easier to lift the ski itself out?
Antegrity, Jan 02 2006

       So its easier to.. whats the word... "ski" the ski forward through ground cover.
roleohibachi, Jan 03 2006

       This idea would probably increase the difficulty giving the snow more surface area to cling too.
Antegrity, Jan 03 2006

       Teflon, maybe?
justaguy, Jan 03 2006


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