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A Can of Shush!

An airisol can that makes a shush sound to shut people up.
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I was at a movie the other day and some people can be so annoying. Can somebody please make an airosol can of Shush. I must have shushed this group 10 times before I moved. I'd like a full sized can for those big events and a pocket sized version for church perhaps. I would love to be able to personalize them; "Here's a can of SHUSH with your name on it - beat it!". Maybe we can get an Austin Powers tie in. The nozzle could be a little cupped hand.

I just need it for those days when I just plain run out of Shush!

french, Nov 26 2002

This should shut them up: http://www.sportswo...CatID=79&typeID=238
[dalek, Oct 04 2004]


       So [french] is that where you've been all this time ?
skinflaps, Nov 26 2002

       sp: aerosol   

       And, doesn't an aerosol can already make the shhhh shush sound already?
bristolz, Nov 26 2002

       I smell a movie rip-off.
Malakh, Nov 26 2002

       Why not make a can of shut the fuck up, I'm sure that would get the message across quicker.
Gulherme, Nov 26 2002

       Nothing like abit of good old surfing talk eh ? [Gulherme]
skinflaps, Nov 26 2002

       Won't it be just as annoying with the clickety-clack sound for the full minute required to shake the can?
Amos Kito, Nov 27 2002

       Let us not add injury to insult with teargas or excessive noise. Although, Amos, I am partial to the clack of steel balls in the can. As unnecessary as they would be without a medium to propel, I think the "heads up" would add a nice touch.
french, Nov 27 2002

       You could also just turn around and shoot the offending person in the head, I'm pretty sure nobody would speak again after that.
Gulherme, Nov 28 2002

       a super soaker water gun tends to be quieter, and without the nasty blood stains.   

       I searched for canned sushi, and sushi in a can, no luck.
rbl, Nov 28 2002

       Go Tintin and chloroform 'em.
-alx, Nov 28 2002

       // a super soaker water gun tends to be quieter, and without the nasty blood stains //   

       But so much less satisfying.   

       <Very poor taste> I believe this product is now available in Moscow theatres ...... </Very poor taste>
8th of 7, Nov 28 2002


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