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A Cool Head

freeze brain and keep a cool head
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A Cool Head is the name given to a new type of helmet that can keep your head cool - very cool if you leave it on for long enough.

It's a simple helmet, composed of a hard plastic, and surrounds most of the head, leaving the facial area open. It differs from every other helmet in one main respect: it has a double skin that facilitates it being filled with water, secured against leakage by a screw tight stopper.

Once filled with water, the helmet is placed in a freezer compartment until the contents of the water jacket turns to ice. Now when you need to have a cool head, you just put it on and chill out until your brain freezes.

xenzag, Apr 09 2018

Ice jacket https://www.thegree...-bottle-chiller.php
Put beverage of choice on frozen thing [Selky, Apr 12 2018]

As seen is Discworld https://wiki.lspace.../mediawiki/Detritus
One of the reasons behind Detritus's emerging cleverness is the special helmet he is wearing which has a fan that cools his head. (Since trolls' brains are made from impure silicon, they work better when cooled.) The helmet has been constructed by his friend and first partner on the job, acting-constable Cuddy, (deceased). In colder climates, (such as Bonk winters or the chill desert nights of Klatch), Detritus displays intelligent wit and humour, and if left exposed to the icy coldness of the Pork Futures Warehouse long enough, reaches extraordinary levels of intelligence; however this is also a near-fatal temperature for even trolls. [kdf, Sep 06 2020]

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       A system to transport a chilled alcoholic beverage in such a manner would find a ready market.
8th of 7, Apr 09 2018

       [8th of 7], see link. Though perhaps not that useful for transport... you probably need a more literal jacket to do that.
Selky, Apr 12 2018

       I think you would a bit of trouble getting your head inside that, unless of course you had it remodeled as a bottle shape.
xenzag, Apr 12 2018

       ... or your head is already nicely pointed, like [beanangel]'s ...
8th of 7, Apr 12 2018

       With one of these I will prevail for sure.   

pashute, Sep 06 2020

       A new headcuff for police rollout on the reddest of red ?
wjt, Sep 06 2020


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