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A Dozen Cups of Eggs

sold in the lingerie department
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The underside of egg cartons has been overlooked as a superior three-dimensional promotion site. The container’s soft rounded forms that support and shield their fragile cargo are perfect for advertising brassieres. The pulp or foam carton in a suitable color can be molded to display new models of lacy, lifting and sport bras and bikini tops, without sacrificing function. The cutouts that exist in present cartons can be fashioned to show bra décolletage and an advantageous display of their paired, white or brown, curvaceous contents.

Life-size cleavage can be exhibited with ostrich egg cartons, and the desperately poor could even wear sections of these as short term bras. If this product had existed 60 years ago, the sales of National Geographic would have been appreciably lower.

FarmerJohn, Mar 29 2004


       //Life-size cleavage can be exhibited with ostrich egg cartons//   

       Not my size of cleavage (sigh).
squeak, Mar 29 2004

       I'm confused - tights are already sold in eggs in the lingerie department.
DrCurry, Mar 29 2004

       I've always been a leg man, though I've never said no to breast, but then I saw those hot wings ...
FarmerJohn, Mar 29 2004

       MMmmm - boneless.
Letsbuildafort, Mar 29 2004

       l'oeuf your breasts
joking victim, Mar 29 2004


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