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Package Design

Two jobs in one.
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Many of todays food products are packaged. This packaging is normally thrown away and so creating more environmental damage to our precious planet.

I propose that we find alternative use for the packaging we commonly throw away. This, of course, is not a new proposition and many designers all over the world are looking and finding ways of making packaging renewable. Giving the packaging a secondary use could be seen as recycling the packaging.

Two of the most commonly (daily) wasted packages are: - Bread - Milk

I decided to look for something else that we use everday and then throw away. Then it hit me 'Newspaper'. Why not print the newpaper on the side of the milk carton. The front can have the headlines 'Saddam annoys US' and the days favourite TV programmes can be printed on the back. In the UK this is not done. Someone said Americans put 'missing persons' on their cartons, but do you have newpaper articles on them?

Speaking with people over here, a few said they would pay 5p more for the product if it had this feature.

Opinions and further ideas please...

DRudge, Mar 10 2003


       I keep almost all such packaging and burn it for fuel/use it for lighting fires.   

       (I hasten to ad that these are fires in the open hearth in my own home, where I am allowed to have a fire, and not the other sort of fire. I haven't done the other thing for a long time so don't start making accusations).
8th of 7, Mar 10 2003

       //hasten to ad// yep, the adverts will soon crowd the news on the packaging.
lurch, Mar 10 2003

       A best before date on the news, too?
FarmerJohn, Mar 10 2003

       There's not much room on a milk carton. You'd need several hundred of them to get the day's news as typically contained in a newspaper. I just don't drink that much milk.
waugsqueke, Mar 10 2003

       Think of the poor paper boy.   

       How the hell am I going to do the crossword puzzle a) on a waxed paper carton b) without spilling milk all over the place (which will then make me cry)?
snarfyguy, Mar 10 2003

       crayons and a screw top cap.   

       What about the TV Guide. It runs out on the day the milk goes out of date.
DRudge, Mar 12 2003


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