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Meal Bag

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Sometimes, especially in office canteens, it can be embarassing to speak to other co-workers or let them see what it is that you have bought for your lunch. The Meal Bag is much like a horse's feed bag, but with the top side featuring an air vent to allow inhalation, especially during hot soup. The meal is served with the blinker bag covering your entire tray and you can easily hide your meal all the way to a nearby table.

Once seated you insert your head into the opening at the top and pull the string tight around your neck so as your face is close to your lunch. Two additional openings on either side allow your hands to enter with utensils for total feeding secrecy.

To ensure proper viewing of your food, you must sit in just the right position so as light streams in through the vents, but this is a small price to pay for civil liberty.

Once your meal is completed, you may fold the bag up and store it in your briefcase, or alternatively wear it over your head for the remainder of the lunch break.

benfrost, Dec 14 2004


       The bulimic can keep the bag on as they head for the restroom.
FarmerJohn, Dec 14 2004

       Sorry Ben, have to give this one a fish. No matter how shitty our lives are, at least we can take one pleasure for granted: eating. We should learn to enjoy our meals without shame.   

       Anything encouraging people to feel embarassed about what others think is not civil liberty.
Pericles, Dec 14 2004

       The patent is held by the 4'33" proprietors, no doubt?
bristolz, Dec 14 2004

       And it's not embarrassing to be shoveling food into your mouth while hunkered down over your lunch tray with a bag tied tightly around your neck?? And anyway, I'm never embarrassed by my food--what do you eat for lunch??
tchaikovsky, Dec 15 2004

       Liver and peanut butter again?   

       I work with a group with a strong asian presence. They are strong on dining together and sharing food.   

       I can't go to the lunchroom without someone offering to feed me. Wonderful recipes, good people. I'd feel rude and stupid wearing this.
normzone, Dec 15 2004

       you can use it to wipe some of that barbecue sauce off your chin when you're done with it.
jaksplat, Dec 15 2004


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