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A Halfbaked Nursery...

Looking for ideas.
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So, we won't know the sex until probably late January, but I'm looking for creative nursery ideas for a smallish room (9'5" square, roughly). I have an opaque projector to project images on the wall for painting purposes. Nursery furniture is likely to be cherry-stained in color, since that matches our glider. Resources? Inspiration outside of the usual Parents magazine and such?


RayfordSteele, Nov 15 2011

And do not forget the RC Perambulator http://www.spikedna....com/evideo/rc-baby
[swimswim, Nov 15 2011]

Gotta go Steampunk http://www.abominat...%20Lafontaine%20III
[Klaatu, Nov 15 2011]

I'd like to dedicate to little Rayford Steele baby_92s_20mobile_2...g_20infant_20energy
delete the expiry date - we need little bakers... [po, Nov 15 2011]

taking hippo's suggestion to its only logical conclusion: http://upload.wikim...2e/Oldamberroom.jpg
also, congratulations! [calum, Nov 16 2011]

For MikeD's children... G_2e_20I_2e_20Gym
Basic training... [RayfordSteele, Nov 16 2011]



       The Periodic Table Of The Elements.
8th of 7, Nov 15 2011

       //Nursery furniture is likely to be cherry-stained in color, since that matches our glider.// bun.
FlyingToaster, Nov 15 2011

       Now we did this before and there were great ideas for equations and other geometrical proofs to paint on the wall.   

       I would vote for attaching to the walls a lightweight wooden framework that supports a false wall/ceiling so you can make the interior like a grotto or cave. Growing up inside a cuboid is so boring.
pocmloc, Nov 15 2011

       I recommend a sheet of pegboard with the requisite hooks, placed high enough to be out of a toddler's reach, but easily updated with toys, tools, small shelves, etc.   

       BTW, congrats!
csea, Nov 15 2011

       Congrats [RS]! Now that your sleep/wake schedule is about to be annihilated, we will expect some great halfbaked ideas from you at odd hours of the night.   

       And contrary to most materialist/consumer-oriented suggestions, babies only care about interaction with their parents. The best thing you can do is to be a nutty, playful, interactive father. Do that, and nothing else matters.
swimswim, Nov 15 2011

       - Cradle hung from the ceiling.
- Ball pool bed.
- A custard-filled floppy(sometimes) ball.
- Geckos. not stuffed ones.
- "Baby's First Trebuchet".
- Autonomous, glow-in-the-dark, LTA fishies.
- Fountain.

       edit: oh yes, Congratulations ! :)
FlyingToaster, Nov 15 2011

       [FT], that should read "Colliding Highly Laminar Fountain"
swimswim, Nov 15 2011

       yes, yes it should.
FlyingToaster, Nov 15 2011

       Maybe some painted trees with removable (velcro) leaves in different colours...
Fruits to hang on the trees and remove also.
Birds to put in the branches with nests..

xandram, Nov 15 2011

       I'm looking to avoid popular media themes like Star Wars. The velcro idea is quite good.   

       Yes, I think we did do this before, now that I think about it. That one ended in tragedy before it ever started unfortunately.   

       I don't know about a pegboard but some adjustable storage makes sense.   

       I agree about obliterating the cuboid in some way. Maybe a paper mache' corner filler that also functions as storage or lighting. Oddly, the room also measures close to 9' tall. the Borg would be pleased.
RayfordSteele, Nov 15 2011

       I'll send a tome of Dr. Seuss inspired odes to capitalism :)
theircompetitor, Nov 15 2011

       //paper mache' lighting//   

       Yes, teach the child about fire hazzards at a young age. It's the HB way.   

       But you should probably leave accelerants until the toddler years.
swimswim, Nov 15 2011

       Your're no fun any more…   

       An Orrery… there MUST be an Orrery…   

       An Orrery ceiling lamp?   

       Then it would be a Nurserorrery …
8th of 7, Nov 15 2011

       Tempted to post Tabletmobile. Could even use facetime to look in on the baby and give a few soothing tones, then back to Blues Clues, or Heavy Metal, as the case may be.
theircompetitor, Nov 15 2011

po, Nov 15 2011

po, Nov 15 2011

       // place some glow in the dark stars in constellation patterns //   

       Pah. Embedded fiber-optic.
tatterdemalion, Nov 15 2011

       Sorry 21. I double-posted, then deleted one, then noticed that your anno was in between.   

       //breaking the laws of spacetime//   

       That's the ticket. Wormholes... We'll escape this cuboid shape yet.
RayfordSteele, Nov 15 2011

       Rock tumbler. Great way to make white noise. Loads of white noise means no sneaking around during baby nap time.
bungston, Nov 15 2011

       Congratulations. Friends of mine painted the ceiling light blue and then added white dabs with a big brush. Looked just like clouds. Nice and soothing and easy to do.   

       Perhaps some random objects scattered throughout the room. Not small enough to choke on and no sharp edges. Like a piece of wood, a harmless tool, an old door handle, stuff like that that you just happen to have lying around. More than toys this will stimulate the child to come up with play combinations to ensure the halfbaked mindset.   

       Tell the child computers and books are bad. He or she will rebel against you by gaining great knowledge of both.
zeno, Nov 15 2011

       Congratulations - how about hooking up some kind of stirling engine to convert excess body-heat into a rotating mobile/fan arrangement?
zen_tom, Nov 16 2011

       Congratulations! - I think it would be quite fun it the nursery were the only room in the house decorated in a completely over-the-top Louis XIV style.
hippo, Nov 16 2011

       Well this is all depressingly cutesy,ain't it! I think you should paint the walls to look like a lovely, sylvan glade, with lots of interesting-looking trees. And you should put the crib/bed or whatever in the middle of the room rather than at an edge. But then, when you turn the lights out and it's dark, all you can see is loads of pairs of luminous & sinister eyes surrounding you from all sides.
DrBob, Nov 16 2011

       Hmm... I suppose the threshold from stars to eyes is only how you place 'em.
RayfordSteele, Nov 16 2011

       Some sort of calming or panic inducing representation of infinty such as a scaled diagram, fractals, etc.
rcarty, Nov 16 2011

       [DrBob] Sinister for whom? Parents or child? I'm sure [RayfordSteele] has already read "The Veldt."
mouseposture, Nov 16 2011

       As an experiment, build the crib as a boxcar on a circular track inside the room; gold star if it's a roller coaster, platinum if a moebius strip. Later on, see how long it takes your offspring to be able to walk.   

       Audio imprinting, computer assisted:

       - play the sounds that animals, birds and insects make (real ones, not cartoon ones), followed by a pleasant voice reciting the name of the animal: "Dog" "Cat" "Wildebeest", etc.   

       - follow up the above with language snippets, again with a pleasant voice tag "English" "German" etc.   

       - follow that up with translations into English (or whatever you want your child's primary language to be) of the most common words in different languages.   

       - play audio frequency intervals, varying the interval slightly such that the baby recognizes the overtones that come into play when the interval is 'perfect'. Use the ones for the most common tuning systems.   

       - Play single notes in an A440 equal-tempered 12-tone scale. The child will develop "perfect pitch" which will be mostly useless but will annoy the hell out of [spidermother].
FlyingToaster, Nov 16 2011

       Ooh, fractal landscape imagery. Could take awhile to paint the lines... Or perhaps some colorized Escher...   

       [mp], that does explain the teeth marks in my wallet.
RayfordSteele, Nov 16 2011

       I'm surprised that 8th isn't opining the benefits of cuboid structures.   

       I suggest that you just flat colour the walls.
If you spend a lot of time creating detailed artwork, Murphy's law dictates that that'll be the first wall up against the projectile vomit.
That said, though, you could do it in gloss. Tetris blocks?
Loris, Nov 16 2011

       Congrats, [Rayford]!   

       I have always felt remiss that I didn't arrange my sons' nursey as something akin to the "booby-trap house", that the young tykes will inevitably encounter in AIT as a fledgling Combat Engineers.   

       The sooner they learn how to navigate thier way through an invironment rife with lethal traps constructed by a creative, industrious and well trained enemy; the better.   

MikeD, Nov 16 2011

       // when you turn the lights out and it's dark, all you can see is loads of pairs of luminous & sinister eyes surrounding you from all sides //   

       Also embedded fiber-optic.
tatterdemalion, Nov 16 2011

       ^^ perhaps, but 'naptime' always seems to me to be more for the parent than the child.
FlyingToaster, Nov 16 2011

       [FT] (+) for gratuitously annoying the hell out of [spidermother]; a noble pursuit. Also, congratulations!
spidermother, Nov 17 2011


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