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baby’s mobile using infant energy

(not a phone, silly)
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a circling array of whatever baby loves best: fairies, aeroplanes, animals or toycars weave their magic to soothe baby to sleep.

music, softly chirruping birds, robbie williams or the dying roar of a souped up convertible lull the halfbaked little highness into the arms of morpheus, phobetor and phantasos…

…and all accompanied by a sprinkling of twinkling fairy lights of every hue and shade.

the sights and sounds all ebbing away to nothing as baby goes to sleep and his little legs stop kicking…you cover him with a soft blanket…remove the cotton tape from his ankle that threaded up via a gossamer yarn to the contraption on the ceiling that powered this marvel.

kiss baby gently and close the door.

“night, night sweetheart”

po, Jan 19 2005

Baby Power! Baby_20Power!
[mrthingy, Dec 27 2012]


       Very very nice. I feel ashamed to put on my serious hat and think 'You're only saving 4 volts, and -- oh no -- babies strangled on the cord'!!   

       Bah humbug!
britboy, Jan 19 2005

       the point being that the leg-kicking keeps it all going.   

       strangulation? hell no!
po, Jan 19 2005

       I remember an idea I thought was brilliant, at the time, about a flying Tinkerbell nite light. Gosh, I thought it was good, till someone made it go whacky, and smash into the lil one, sputtering and spitting her way to the ground. Oh well. This is cute, and probably less lethal.
blissmiss, Jan 19 2005

       Maybe you could attach cords to both legs, and then sell the excess power to the grid.
robinism, Jan 19 2005

       Just had an odd visual of po's son #2, lying in a king size bed, kicking at spinning crap above it. (Sorry po, it just happened.)
blissmiss, Jan 20 2005

       yeah, I've heard that that kinda stuff *happens*
po, Jan 21 2005

       I said I was sorry. Having never seen #2 son, I really couldn't put a face on him, just legs a kicking, that's all.
blissmiss, Jan 21 2005

       I could get a lot of mileage out of my daughter...   

       <redfaced> there goes the diper again, nice going Emma try and aim for the couch next time.
Susan, Jan 22 2005


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