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A Head Shape that Plays a Book

Use the sensors to read the embedded code.
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This is like a cassette player that reads a book that can be heard in your mind.
rcarty, Nov 25 2012

Smurf head cassette player http://www.groovytu...cassette_player.jpg
[xandram, Nov 26 2012]


       Note to Mr. Carty: don't post after drinking.
DrCurry, Nov 26 2012

       I'll have to stop drinking for that to be true.
rcarty, Nov 26 2012

       Im just shedding dead memories.
rcarty, Nov 26 2012

       Have you ever seen girls listening to music?   

       Obeying music?   

       The musical feeling takes control? Message of that musical feeling? The feeling of noise?
rcarty, Nov 26 2012

       I already have a head shape that uses sensors to read the embedded code of a book so it can be heard in my mind. I think the invention here is 'reading'.
spidermother, Nov 29 2012


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