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Background Music Sync

For e-reader equipped tablets/smartphones
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This would be a plug-in app for camera (or microphone)-equipped e-readers and e-reader equipped tablets (the assumption is being made here that most modern tablets have a front facing camera AND a microphone).

The plug-in app is linked to a website where volunteers put together music playlists for popular bestsellers, such as the Lord of the Rings, Wheel of Time, Star Wars Expanded Universe, etc. Upon downloading a book from the ever-expanding list, the plug-in prompts you to download the music pack for it. The music pack costs something like 4 bucks.

While reading, the camera uses eye-tracking software and the microphone listens for folks who whisper quietly to themselves as they read to measure your reading pace and set the tempo for the song selector to choose from.

And then it plays music in the background while you read, to enhance your sensory immersion in the story. I realize that many audio books feature music in the background but I can't really get into a story being read by those terrible voice actors.

21 Quest, Aug 27 2012


       Why not go see a movie?
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 27 2012

       Because film adaptations of epic fantasy novels are often more painful than the audiobook version.
21 Quest, Aug 27 2012

       I think music is distracting while I read, but some people like it. I suggest that the pace of the music be set by the pace of the page turning. After the first few pages the book would figure out how fast your are reading and sync the music to it.
DIYMatt, Aug 27 2012

       + I like it, 2nd DIYs idea. It would have to be on a loop but it would add ambiance like a video game
leinypoo13, Aug 27 2012

       Why not just buy an opera score and hum?
pocmloc, Aug 28 2012

       Because the idea is to sync the music to the speed at which you are reading.
21 Quest, Aug 28 2012


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