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Kids Auto Read Book

Books that read themselves in your voice
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There are lots of books that have crappy sounds and even some that say things. But kids like to hear their parents voice.

Recorder units are cheap enough you could build one into a book (or have a carrier that recognizes the book). The first time you put in the book you press the "record" button, then read the book. It tracks the pages being turned and turns them itself next time.

Now the next time your kid asks to have a story, you can just sit back and let the book do the talking, a big bonus if you have already read "the cat in the hat" 47 times that day!

scarkner, Jul 29 2003

First Read http://www.halfbake...m/idea/First_20Read
Books that read themselves in your child's voice [FarmerJohn, Oct 17 2004]


       Parents oughtto read book.
beauxeault, Jul 29 2003

       Two words: Tape. Recorder.
DeathNinja, Jul 29 2003

       (Sixty-seven words: aside - why do people who are about to say two words always preface it with "two words:"? We can tell there are two words there. It's not necessary to inform us ahead of time. I'm not sure why the number of words matters anyway. I never figured out how that one got started, but it is really stupid if you think about it for half a second.)
waugsqueke, Jul 29 2003

       Four words: Two words: Tape. Recorder. Wait, six. Wait, 8, no 10, no 12, ...
phundug, Jul 29 2003

       two thoughts: Parents should read real-time. But, this might make a nifty gift, grandma can send a book with an attached audio of her reading it.
rbl, Jul 29 2003

       Yep [rbl]. Thats what I'd do too. Members of my family have already done this for my stepson.
squeak, Jul 30 2003

       "why do people who are about to say two words always preface it with 'two words:'?"   

       I don't.
Jezzie, Jul 30 2003


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