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A Little Bit of What You Like Pill

Tiny amounts of things you like, all in a little pill.
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It's traditional at New Year, in some parts of the world, to celebrate by doing a little of what you enjoy, and eating a little of what you like on the first day of the year.

The 'A Little Bit of What You Like Pill' would be miniscule amounts of commonly enjoyed foods (say the top 100) compacted into a normal-sized pill. On New Year's Day, place one of these on the tongue and allow to dissolve and enjoy a little of what you like.

Alternatively, arrange to have a custom pill made for your personal wishes. Buy enough and make these the start to your day as well as your year.

st3f, Jan 03 2006


       "miniscule amounts of commonly enjoyed foods" - wouldn't this, using the logic of homeopathy, inoculate you against the supposed bad effects of these foods? Therefore, wouldn't this be a pill to be taken before Christmas to allow you to then pig out to your heart's content over the seasonal gluttony-fest?
hippo, Jan 03 2006

       What like a cheesecake vaccination? Yes please.
Zuzu, Jan 03 2006

       I did wonder about what the homeopathy crowd would make of this. I also wonder what it would taste like.
st3f, Jan 03 2006

       That you wouldn't taste it at all makes it an irony pill. (+)
ldischler, Jan 03 2006

       "A little bit of Lou Bega"
reensure, Jan 03 2006

       Can they put gin in a pill?
DVineMissEva, Jan 03 2006

       Gin pills were once sold for kidney problems.
ldischler, Jan 03 2006

       Pretty much baked, in the form of almost-all-flavoured jelly beans.
fridge duck, Jan 04 2006

       Why stop at top 100? Why not put all foods in? Or even ALL THINGS! There should be a term using "omni" to describe a pill which contains all things. Omnipresent?
bungston, Jan 04 2006

       All things? That would be dirt.
ldischler, Jan 04 2006

       //Can they put gin in a pill?//   

       To spare myself the foul taste, I once tried to manually fill cough syrup into old capsules (formerly herbal something in them). It was not worth the effort as the gelatin got gooey and I tasted anyway... I think gin would erode the capsule even quicker. While not for home assembly, thick Gel caps could surely contain a smidge o' gin, vodka or other.   

       eh, the ALBOWYL Omnicap?   

       <later edit>hmmmm, too much information Zooz.</le>
Zuzu, Jan 04 2006


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