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Blister-Pak Calendar.com

A web-based individualized daily medication packaging and delivery service
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People are taking more and more daily-dose medications these days. Every morning, millions take prescription and over-the-counter medications and supplements for treating acid reflux, ADHD, allergies, anxiety, arthritis, birth control, cholesterol, depression, hypertension, menopause, and other ailments that are designed to be taken once a day. Many know the weekly ritual of filling up the pill box with 5, 10, or even more pills to be taken daily.

I propose a web-based pharmacy that takes all of an individual's daily medication prescriptions, allows them to select which over-the-counter medications and supplements they want, and allows them to design their own foil blister-pack calendar sheets. The calendar would be printed on the front with the day's pills individually sealed under every square.

Ones that are taken multiple times a day would be arranged in rows with the times printed accordingly. The lines around the squares would be perforated so that the patient may tear off a day or a week if they are going somewhere and don't feel like carrying the whole month around with them.

These would be mailed to the patient monthly so that they arrive a week before they are to begin taking them.

utexaspunk, Jun 03 2005


       "somebody say something!" I did say something! Where'd it go? And where's the calendar I ordered loaded with Glucosamine & Chondroitin, One-A-Day vitamin, naproxen sodium and complimentary anti-depressant of the month pills?
half, Jun 07 2005

       I like your idea of a bonus pill [half] - a free sample every month from the pharmacy. Feels good? Why not order a month's supply...   

       As for the idea, it's really one of the most logical things I've seen here for a little while. Pharmacies are still back in the stone ages really.
wagster, Jun 07 2005

       There seems to be a rash of new ideas here which are practical, clever, and don't involve magnets, beer, or prostitutes... This is a good trend, in my mind...
dbsousa, Jun 08 2005

       Indeed, [Pa`ve], I'd think it really could make someone a lot of money if they were able to figure out how to make a machine that could handle all those different pill shapes and sizes and putting them in the right place, etc. It wouldn't be easy. I don't think I'll be doing all that work anytime soon, so I'll just put this idea out for free simply because I'd enjoy having this service in existence. Besides I'll still be able to say it was my idea, and direct people to this post just to show them :)
utexaspunk, Jun 09 2005

       //could handle all those different pill shapes and sizes and putting them in the right place// yeah, imagine the litigation !

Brilliant Idea [punk] (+).
neilp, Jun 09 2005


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