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A MIDI to Bluetooth adaptor.

Plugs into your keyboard / drum machine / PC, and can be seen by your phone.
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Making it more easy to record your own ringtones.
Dub, Jan 25 2006

If you were wondering what Thomas Dolby was doing these days. http://www.beatnik.com/
[coprocephalous, Jan 25 2006]

Ready for baking since 2001 by Midiman http://namm.harmony...Bluetooth-MIDI.html
wonder what happened since... Midiman meanwhile acquired. [pashute, Oct 09 2006]

Kenton's Midistream http://www.kentonuk...wireless_midi.shtml
Nearly. Dunno when they started making these. Doesn't look like Bluetooth, according to the manual [Dub, Oct 10 2006]

Double Dang! http://namm.harmony...Bluetooth-MIDI.html
[Dub, Oct 17 2007]

Create Digital Music Article http://createdigita...di/#comment-1218167
[Dub, Mar 26 2011]

Wikipedia: Rigatoni http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rigatoni
Pasta that rings when someone calls you. [zen_tom, Mar 29 2011]

Hack a day: Turn any Bluetooth device into a MIDI controller http://hackaday.com...-a-midi-controller/
[Dub, Jul 10 2011]


       I don't know about downloadable ringtones...how does this help record ringtones? Are they somehow recorded directly on the phone?   

       I thought you downloaded files to the phone. If that is so, where does the file get created in this scheme?   

       With the right software on the phone, I can maybe see this configuration enabling the phone as a MIDI instrument.
half, Jan 25 2006

       //I thought you downloaded files to the phone// I don't think you have to. My phone has a simple composer on it, and when you view the files via a bluetooth adaptor, the file you've created is a midi file... But I guess the adaptor would have storeage in it too.
Dub, Jan 25 2006

       Doesn't the Beatnik system use midi?
My phone can play any MP3 as a ringtone - I've got a half gigabyte of tracks to chose from.
coprocephalous, Jan 25 2006

       'spose it could convert MIDI sounds to WAV/MP3... (Hello Jeremy)
Dub, Jan 25 2006

       "I guess the adaptor would have storeage in it too." I'll go along with that. I think it might need a few other things as well. Unless the phone can download a MIDI bitstream in to it's editor, you'll need to have some external processor somewhere to construct the file before it gets to the phone.   

       It looks like what needs to happen (from the perspective of someone who's never downloaded a ringtone or owned a bluetooth enabled phone or MIDI capable instrument) is that the device has to capture the MIDI stream, create (and name) a file with the MIDI content (or convert to MP3 somehow) and act as a host to support the file download.   

       Maybe a Bluetooth equipped PDA with a MIDI/USB adapter?
half, Jan 25 2006

       [Ian]That's right, rigtones... The noyze made by 5h1ps rigging should be blootuthed onto peeples fones.
Dub, Jan 25 2006

       Rigtones: downloadable tunes for the horns of big trucks.
wagster, Jan 25 2006

       Seriously this is a great idea for musicians! How come its not baked? (Searched again, sure enough, ready for baking since 2001 [link], still, it deserves a star. [+]
pashute, Oct 09 2006

       Ian Tindale has rigged up his own ringtones, if I remember rightly.
neelandan, Oct 10 2006

Dub, Jul 10 2011


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