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A New Identity

Liberal, conservative, idealist, humanitarian, it's all in the name
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Nametagging sucks. Most of us are individuals. We're Americans...but get pressured into categories. Are these "safezones" for those who are basically "asleep at the wheel"?

I've been only a member of halfbakery for one week....and I'm convinced my blood pressure is down, I'm not thinking about fighting with my wife....I have these pleasant thoughts about ideas.

America was built on ingenuity....and an honest day's pay for an honest day's work. Where are we now? The average person let's others do the thinking. The average person basically believes "everything has already been solved" or done before...what's the point in trying to make anything better....it's futile...etc...etc.

I think it's this basic frustration which has led to the overwhelming spread of profiteering, lust, greed, you know the story. I agree with George Carlin....religion is not the answer....at least in a governmental practical way.

People need to identify with something that makes sense. Halfbakery is not the next religion....but it could very well be a great mindset....a great distraction....a much better "safe zone".

What we need is a name. This may sound too much like the Wizard of Oz...but in alot of ways...that's the way the world works. Start a name....let people identify with "thinking of ideas"....and something just might happen.

What are you? Are you an "idea-ist"? That doesn't have the right ring. I'm a half-baker....no. I'm a free thinker....I think out of the box......sounds to glib...possibly too self-righteous......I can't find a name.

Many possibilities with accroynms..... IEFAEIWPFTPOITQOLFA (I enjoy formulating and exchanging ideas with people for the purpose of improving the quality of life for all) I was never good at accronyms

Bob Wade, May 10 2002


       "We're Americans"   

       I'm not.   

       You can't find the name you're looking for because, as soon as you've defined a pigeonhole, you've limited your definition.
-alx, May 10 2002

       I understand the sentiment but, "Nametagging sucks" in the same idea as "What we need is a name" seems a wee bit conflicted. The term "halfbaker" covers it for me.
half, May 10 2002

       Hello? Another non-American here. Hello? Hellooo?

(And yes, you are not very good with acronyms - which you demonstrate well: that is not an acronym)
mcscotland, May 10 2002

       "If I was a turd, I'd jump out of the commode and scare people!" -- Unknown.   

       Since I'm not, some would say I'm but half a turd. Must I hereon hang my head in shame? Oh, great OZ, I'm nothing without a name.
reensure, May 10 2002

       Bob, ya oughta know that probably less than 50% of the denizens here are American. This place exemplifies the first "w" of "www.
waugsqueke, May 10 2002

       I think I speak for all the halfbakery when I say, we're not here for ideas, we're just here to make sarcastic comments about everything. And Tony Blair would say we gleeful mockers, nay-sayers, and put-em-downers are the problem and not the solution. If I was in any way interested in improving the life of any person or other lifeform on this planet, I wouldn't be here. I'd be doing something productive, or in a suicide booth, or selling crack to schoolkids. Still, thanks for attempting to define me, Mr Wade.
pottedstu, May 10 2002

       There's a theory in 'magic' circles that, once you know something's name, you can take it's soul and, in a funny kind of way it's true. Name-tagging is about control. I prefer to remain amongst the ranks of the anonymous who hope, each day, for the world to go wrong in a thoroughly interesting way.

How's that for pretentious drivel!?
DrBob, May 10 2002

       pretty good - but it would have been better without the rogue apostrophe.   

       I'm in agreement with what the other peeps have said: I'm not in agreement with the halfbakery or its denizens, they just happen, in general, to be in agreement with me. Which is nice...
yamahito, May 10 2002

       When all you know is a persons race or nationality, that's all you know. Ironically, //Liberal, conservative, idealist, humanitarian, it's all in the name... Nametagging sucks//. The Irony has been pointed out, and the author can edit as need be, think outside the box an a level previously unattainable. I believe the author to have good qualities, and hope //blood pressure is down, I'm not thinking about fighting with my wife....I have these pleasant thoughts about ideas// continues for a good long time. The bottom line is the most important
//I enjoy formulating and exchanging ideas with people for the purpose of improving the quality of life for all//. As to the idea itself, <psst>We're Secret Agents. Shhhhhh - don't tell anybody.</psst>
thumbwax, May 10 2002

       Opps....no wonder this site is full of so many wonderful talented people. I forgot to press the global demographics button. I'm not being sarcastic. I'm of intense British roots, and a die hard fan of Junk Wars.   

       Sorry but the shades of 911 still linger.   

       For those non-Americans....you will never know the moral degradation which has occurred in this country in just the past couple generations.   

       This country is coming very close to living around bumper stickers. I thought my idea was at least one tiny step above that. Small steps is all we can possibly hope for.
Bob Wade, May 10 2002

       Bob, the moral degradation of which you speak is universal, and not only felt by the older generations. Trust me. But here, there is a modicum of sanctuary, at least. As one of your contemporary newbies, I'd like to say welcome.   

       Feet on the ground, eyes to the stars.... .... treading in dog poo.
yamahito, May 10 2002

       Thank you so much yamhito for this welcome.... I confess I love the site....the intension was not to be in any way obnoxiously deep....or self serving to myself or anyone else.   

       Ideas naturally transcend the individual and bring a greater sense of purpose. Thought shouldn't have to hurt or be avoided....although most do because of prefabricated circles and cages.   

       I already have a great admiration for many of you.....and I don't even know you.   

       Halfbakery is such a wonderful concept which deserves to be on a larger scale....not for the purpose of sheer promotion or the selling of T-shirts...   

       .....just yet anyway....perhaps ......"Creative thinking doesn't hurt"....wouldn't be a bad slogan.
Bob Wade, May 11 2002

       I adopt a whole range of labels, using each when it is most appropriate: son, brother, halfbaker, layabout, friend. I have had a number of other labels thrust upon me: lawyer, barman, student, crutch, bastard. The thing is, no label can define a person. Each label may fit in a particular circumstance but it cannot describe (the totality of) me.

I would disagree with DrBob that labelling is about control. I would say that it is about comprehending. If you can attach a label to a person, it is easier for you to understand the person, even though this understanding is - necessarily - insufficient to describe the person.
calum, May 11 2002

       Um...shouldn't this be in the Halfbakery section?
DrCurry, May 11 2002

       If you were a guy with no arms and no legs floating in the Ocean, your name would be Bob.
thumbwax, May 11 2002

       The idea for halfbakery was to create a "conceptual, thought provoking icon"....something which transcends the name itself....that's it.....just a silly thought.   

       Yes....it's paradoxical.   

       Halfbakery has already established a name for itself......in a world dominated by bumper stickers and cheap, hollow identities.   

       I personnally "identify" with halfbakery.....but of course a catchy name or promotion doesn't mean others would.   

       I know friends that identify with such loyalty....such affiliation and self-less abandon with "hunting" or "fishing".   

       My wife would be most compelled by "do you want to go shopping?"   

       Would it possible for people to have an identity bonding with something other than money, conquest, or other primitive needs?   

       Forgive me....I was being silly. I only hope halfbakery or ANY related forum which brings people together to discuss, not argue.... puts even the most minor dent in the mainstream manipulative machines which promote a lack of hope and self-worth.   

       As most of you point out....it's not in the name.....it's in the game.
Bob Wade, May 12 2002

       [Bob], like I said before, I understand the sentiment and identify with much of what you said. As for //"hunting" or "fishing"//, where I live you would most assuredly need to add "golf" to that list.
half, May 12 2002

       Okay, you win. From here on in I want to be known as The Merry Depictioneer.
bristolz, May 12 2002

       We're all AKAs. Don't tell me you're not.   

       Welcome Bob or whatever your name is.
akanewB, May 12 2002

       calum, I'd argue the complete opposite. Attaching a label, say 'conservative', is a lazy generalisation that saves you the effort of understanding. A 'conservative' (note the small 'c') could be a person opposed to change, cautious about change, or in favour of gradual change, so the label doesn't really tell you anything about the person at all.
DrBob, May 12 2002

       UnaBubba....I forgot to note that more often than not I find myself sinking...with ever increasing difficulty to come up for air....but as the name implies...somehow I manage to tread water.
Bob Wade, May 12 2002

       <humor tag: required because my alleged sense of humor doesn't translate well to writing>
[Bob], don't get suckered in to [Bristolz] and [UnaBubba]'s old name change ploy. I fell for it and now I'm only half the baker I used to be.
half, May 12 2002

       ooh dear, miss the crazy side to you....you are all sort of sensible now.
po, May 12 2002

       Whining about it now, [half]? That can be remedied you know . . . . but if you change it back, I'm afraid _crazy is already used up (by you, in your former life).   

       Let's see what's available:   

       _brain _aman _height _assed   

       Some nice choices.
bristolz, May 13 2002

       <more choice identities> half_witted, half_n_half...
RayfordSteele, May 13 2002

       [bristolz]: Sigh. It would appear that even the <humor> tag doesn't help. I guess _crazy got custody of the sense of humor.
half, May 13 2002

       Awww. I was just bustin' your chops, you know.
bristolz, May 13 2002

       Oh, yeah. Sure. By the way, I resent the implication of your annotation. I am above average in height.<g>   

       And I was just bustin' you back.
half, May 13 2002

       UB: Wouldn't "Bob" come somewhere between "Wade" and "Sink?"
beauxeault, May 13 2002

       Hmmm...Would he be a relation to "half_gassed"?
jurist, May 13 2002


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