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A good description

The one on Everything 2 just doesn't do us justice
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I have recently discovered E2 (not posted anything yet) but one thig I found was that the node describing this place is just boring.

I would write one but I would probably fare no better. So I think we should try to write one here in this idea and someone should put it there... preferabley someone else so that I don't have to figure out how to create softlinks...

RobertKidney, Dec 01 2001

Hey, folks, there's a perfectly good description right here. http://www.halfbake...ditorial/about.html
E2 needs a communally generated witty advertisement like it needs a head crash. The text in place now is perfectly factual and descriptive. It does misemphasize aspects of the site, but if we're going to replace it with anything, it should be the standard "about" blurb. [egnor, Dec 01 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Everything2: Halfbakery http://www.everythi....pl?node=halfbakery
[egnor, Dec 01 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       I think we should leave it as it is. The curious and intelligent will find us, the n00bs and knobs will avoid us, and the occasional one that wanders in can be flamed to a crisp, affording momentary amusement.
StarChaser, Dec 01 2001

       I supose that could have been the idea behind writing it like that...   

       A rogue halbaker on a mission to protect the HB...
RobertKidney, Dec 01 2001

       Hello! People, there's already a perfectly good description of this site, furnished by its owner. (See link.)   

       If you just want to have a navel-gazing community gabfest, well, go ahead I guess, but there's certainly no need to inflict the results on E2.
egnor, Dec 01 2001

       "Less like an incubator, more like an abortion clinic."
phoenix, Dec 02 2001

       I'm sorry... (the link, the idea, erm the colour) still even if we never use it would it hurt to have a good description here?
RobertKidney, Dec 02 2001

       I whole-heartedly agree with egnor and StarChaser. I'd rather not advertise.   

       Writing good descriptions is an art. If you like doing that, you'll have a ball at E2, and I'm not stopping you from focusing in the halfbakery; but don't do it just because you like this place.
jutta, Dec 02 2001

       When I first came across Everything2, I nearly wrote a lengthy and witty entry for E2 about the bakery (subsections including: purpose of the site, some classic ideas, halfbakery jargon), but I changed my mind about submitting it, partly because I'm not that keen on Everything2 (having an brief and uninformative writeup fits exceedingly well with the nature of E2), and partly because I didn't want to misrepresent the site and have a lot of E2 dweebs coming over here to post some jokes, since although 1/2B is funny, that's not really its prime purpose. And partly because I thought I should run it past jutta or some other bakers (even tho I know that's not required, I don't want to be a unilateral spokesperson or be factually incorrect), and was scared to. I still have my draft somewhere (probably at home), but I'm disinclined to post it. I've done about 30 e2 writeups on hugely varying topics, many of which I know little about (e.g. the village of Croy in Lanarkshire), but I prefer posting ill-formed 1/2 ideas on the 1/2 bakery to XP-whoring on E2.
pottedstu, Dec 03 2001


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