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A Tortilla Cage

To tortilla-ready your toaster with.
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Today I put four corn tortillas into my toaster to soften them as I fried fish.

I watched them become quite comfortable in the warm orange glow. There was a quiet slumping. Nothing to get excited about.

However, when the bread ejector popped the tortillas chose stay inside the toaster. Kinda folded up on me.

Perhaps two wire mesh discs could be connected with a hinge at 6 o'clock and a little latch at 12.

You could put tortillas inside and toast them. They would come out easy and still be pretty flat.

gribbler, Jul 13 2009

dualit http://www.dualit.c...asp?categoryCode=15
expensive, but wonderful [xenzag, Jul 13 2009]


       Amazing that halfbakery has so many proposals for the improvement of toast.
gribbler, Jul 13 2009


       sure your name isn't "griddler" ?
FlyingToaster, Jul 13 2009

       baked and widely known to exist... see link
xenzag, Jul 13 2009

       Thanks for the link, xenzang. These robust toasters appear well prepared to handle tortillas by way of their innovative "warming rack."   

       I am now considering purchasing one, actually.   

       I think the tortilla cage is a little different in that it tortilla- enables otherwise conventional toasters.   

       It also came to me that tortilla cages should come in pairs.
gribbler, Jul 13 2009


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