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Tacos: fast, fun, fresh, and right at home...
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Just imagine if you could have tortilla-making dough (either corn or flour varieties) inside a fun, convenient, and squirtable tube. You would no longer have to buy stale ones from the store, or resort to going to restaurants to enjoy a good, hot tortilla. As a sort of added benefit, young/preteen males will get a kick out of the fart-like sound the squirt mechanism makes.

The dough could be dyed in different colors. There could be a red/white/blue Patriotic Three-Pak... the possibilities for this product are endless. Cheese additives, various flavors....

Just squirt out the dough onto a frying pan, and fry it or bake it (on a baking sheet). The traditional recipes would have to be tweaked a bit to pull this off, but it should be possible.

polartomato, Jun 16 2002

Pitted Tacos http://www.halfbake...idea/Pitted_20Tacos
Then to soften them up again [FarmerJohn, Jun 16 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       You cook...?
DrCurry, Jun 16 2002

       I s'pose 'lil armpit juice never hurt none.
polartomato, Jun 16 2002

       Hmm, [Son_of_Minya], this funnel cake-in-a-tube you speak of sounds like a good application. Hmmm...   

       I guess the success of this product rides on an assumption that people are too lazy to think of making their own. Especially people who are from regions that don't typically eat a lot of Mexican food. Viva gorditas.
polartomato, Jun 17 2002

       Making your own tortillas is almost as easy as squirting them onto a frying pan. It does take a little experience and the right kind of pan, though.
DonutBoy, Feb 01 2003


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