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Tortilla Origami

Working with 'thick paper'
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Instead of paper, consider tortillas or better yet thin Chinese pancakes for simple fold-and-bake origami creations. I can imagine a growing portfolio of designs suitable to this edible paper, complete with methods of supporting floppy structures on fire brick, tiles or other fireproof oddments until stiffened with baking. Some day, maybe, a crane?
Steamboat, Jul 02 2010

Baragami http://www.messybea...ragami/baragami.htm
"The ancient welsh art of Toast Arranging" Apparently. [prufrax, Jul 02 2010]

Not your father's origami. http://www.toysperi...science-of-origami/
[mouseposture, Jul 03 2010]


       Only rice paper creases and is thin enough for origami.
Cedar Park, Jul 02 2010

       "Look, I've made a model of a burrito!"
hippo, Jul 02 2010

       Actually the Mongolian, Chinese and other oriental 'tortilla' recipes are probably the best. They're 'paper thin' and some of 'em are huge. As for regular flour tortillas a moistened one would be the best place to start..
Steamboat, Jul 02 2010

       Tosses taco at Cedar Park...you been gone a long time. Idea, I think is kind of alright. +
blissmiss, Jul 02 2010

       Thanks, [Bliss]. I was feeling hungry.
Cedar Park, Jul 03 2010

       Fresh tortillas should be creasible.   

       Bravo! +
Zimmy, Jul 03 2010

       //Tortillas are round. Origami paper is square.// Well, clearly that makes the whole scheme impossible. If only there were some way to make square tortillae, or to do origami with round materials. *sigh* another door slams in the collective face of humanity. [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 03 2010

       //Tortillas are round. Origami paper is square.// That's a bit dated. <link>
mouseposture, Jul 03 2010


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