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A UI that doesn't ignore the U

EVERY TIME you start to type, it should be picked up by a "notepad".
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There is never a time where a user starts to type but does not want text entered. Yet all too often I start to type only to find that my computer has no idea what I am trying to do, and my words are lost to the void that is incompetency. Yes, it is my incompetency, as it is I who failed to select a text box or other appropriate receptacle, but of what use are computers that do not compensate for our foibles?

When the user starts to type without an appropriate text area selected, a small notepad should capture the words, pop to the front of the screen, and pulse gently at the user until he or she clicks on an appropriate text area on the screen; it must be able to instantly transport the typed text to the URL bar, a text box, a post-it note, a clipboard, or any open word processor or textpad.

A computer that does not do this is of no use to me.

Tem42, Oct 03 2010

Copy while typing Copy_20while_20typing
If you left this function on with a limited buffer you could accomplish what the author proposes here, without popup windows. [bungston, Oct 04 2010]


       //A computer that does not do this is of no use to me.//   

       How did you manage this post?
Boomershine, Oct 03 2010

       I was with him until the end. //patronized by tech// ??
daseva, Oct 03 2010

       I'm sort of picking up on the fact that you're not entirely in favour of this idea?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 03 2010

       "Would you like some help with this feature, [21 Quest]?" blink... blink... blink...
infidel, Oct 03 2010

       I've found that MS Windows is particularly badly designed in this regard, as it will both a) allow popups to steal focus when I'm typing, and b) show blinking carets in areas which don't actually have focus.
Loris, Oct 03 2010

       MS Windows is just poorly designed. Too many added features, as it tries to usurp everyone else's best features... just as Word and Excel are poor imitations of other, earlier products.
infidel, Oct 03 2010

       I was thinking of WordPerfect and Lotus 1-2-3, which were superior to MS knockoffs, in my experience.
infidel, Oct 03 2010

       I like the idea of having text-to-buffer when the cursor isn't in a text box, though starting a Notepad session might be a bit extreme (or not), but...   

       some programs use keyboard keys as input.   

       //patronized by tech// depends on your definition, dunnit... is "are you sure you want to reformat C:" patronizing ? well, yes, but I'd like that to stay there thanks. Ditto anything where you have to click a mouse: between lag, poor drivers, focus stealing and many other number of reasons, mousing's a pretty vague way of controlling a computer.
FlyingToaster, Oct 04 2010

       //Don't you watch the screen as you type//
why oh why would I want to do that ? After multiple decades of typing and hundreds of millions of keystrokes entered (not an exaggeration btw), I don't trust my fingers ?

       Anyways I do see your point. M$-Windows (and for that matter DOS before it) doesn't bother buffering keystrokes: you get a "steal focus" moment or something and they drop out; best they've managed to come up with occasionally is a beep.   

       So yes I'd like an accessible keyboard buffer of some kind.
FlyingToaster, Oct 04 2010

       Just install one of those keylogger things hackers use to steal your passwords.   

       For the most UI-frustrated, you could have a printer chug out reams of paper showing your every keystroke allowing you to store a hard-copy for your files - like one of those teletypes that told you the football results as they came in.   


       Move along, nothing more to see here.
zen_tom, Oct 04 2010

       I like this. Except I am nervous about letting any machines get too near my sensitive foibles. Gears and sprocklets and all, you know.
bungston, Oct 04 2010

       I think what you really want is a buffer that shows up when you start typing when NO application has focus. That shouldn't interfere with any application's keyboard shortcuts and will keep the text allowing you to copy and paste into the application you intended to be typing in.
NoOneYouKnow, Oct 04 2010

       VIrus writers and fraudsters would love this [-]
Dub, Oct 04 2010

       //What I would like is a keyboard lock button on the bottom//   

       Something like 'Windows Key + L," perhaps?
RayfordSteele, Oct 05 2010


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