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A book I can read that tells me what to do.

magic 8-ball type program for e-book readers
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This program would generate, each time it is run, a random specific answer to a problem someone may have. Kind of like those magic 8 balls, but with many more potential entries.

"Forgive him: he's a keeper."
"Use a three-pronged tin pitchfork to hold the animal down, and a stick of gum to confuse it."
"Half a Tylenol should do the trick. Call Dr. Johnson in Peadiatrics if it doesn't."
"Use this key sequence: F-6, <control>e, and then hold down <alt><shift> and type DGD. If it happens again, call Bob in HR. He had this problem before."
"Your aunt Yuki has just the recipe"
Voice, May 29 2008

same again http://lord.xopl.com/ulpage3a/8-ball.html
three, and there are also build your own database of answers versions. [4whom, May 29 2008]


       yet another reason to shout "Micro$oft made me do it"... but I have friends like that.
FlyingToaster, May 29 2008

       It's called I Ching.
daseva, May 29 2008

       Just about any philosphy book will do this ... at a much lower resolution.   

       {tosses gum aside}   

       Now what was I doing?
MikeD, May 29 2008

       I don't need a book - the voices in my head tell me what to do.
coprocephalous, May 29 2008

       My girlfriend tells me what to do.
theleopard, May 29 2008

       My girlfriend tells everybody what to do. :/
FlyingToaster, May 29 2008

       We tell your girlfriend what to do. She does it. We are very happy.
8th of 7, May 29 2008

       Why not just randomly read ideas from this website? They are all (well, mostly) solutions to problems.   

       eg :Is he cheating on me?   

       The Fidelomatic is a tennis ball sized spy camera that follows your boyfriend at a distance of a hundred feet and records his every move over one day. Now you know whether he is loyal, fooling around with other women or using a Fidelomatic to spy on them.
Bad Jim, May 29 2008

       I love this idea (or a better version of it)
nicholaswhitworth, Apr 16 2010

       (ha.  8th of 7.  Perfect.)   

       (Really.  I forgot the idea I'm reading.  Oh yeah.)   

       It should be a website.  Your type a question in WhatShouldIDo.com.  Website correlates your question to an answer based on feedback from previous askers.  Or routes it to a behind the scenes expert.   

       Big waiver acceptance at login.   

       You should accept a bun.  +
Mustardface, Apr 16 2010

       There is a website that tells you what to do (link).
wagster, Apr 16 2010

       ha ha.
Mustardface, Apr 16 2010


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