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A hook for bringing things down to earth

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A line with a big hook at the end. The hook extends from the top of a helium balloon. Let the line out. Snag the hook on that broken tree limb that’s been hanging, just barely, 75 feet up above your driveway. Back off a safe distance and yank the line. <crashing sounds>

Or, heroically run a line up to a person in a burning building...
pluterday, May 13 2003


       Eminently useful. I'd get one to keep in my shed, if I had a shed. One helium-filled croissant!
DrCurry, May 13 2003

       walking the dogs one day, we lost their ball up in a tree. ex-boyfriend persuaded me to throw my scarf up into the tree to knock it down, of course that stayed up there as well, followed by my handbag, his umbrella and both the dogs' leads. forget how we got them all down in the end. I was livid.
po, May 13 2003

       (picutring po and friend, now completely naked, dogs and passer-by whining from overloaded tree)   

       [pluter] Make sure it's flame resistant. Next time I'm stuck in a burning building I'm calling you.
Worldgineer, May 13 2003

       You could even add little fans for steering the balloon like those indoor Zeppelins.
scubadooper, May 13 2003

       I like the concept but isn't there going to be a three-way size-weight-toughness tradeoff in the manufacture of the balloon?
my face your, May 13 2003

       I like the idea, but it's impossible it use in breezy weather. Living in South Carolina, we have this problem with pine trees. The limbs will die and just stay up there looking ugly. Its easier just to use fishing wire, a bow, an arrow (w/o tip), and some thick rope. Just launch the arrow w/ the fishing line tied to it up over the limb, and use the fishinq line to pull up the rope. Then you can pull it down. Or just drop 17 dollars on a (big) tow hook and rope. Tie them together and then swing the hook up over the limb, and pull it down.
Veritas, Sep 11 2003

       Why not just use your trained monkey? Hmm...trained rescue monkey!
kamenmann, Sep 11 2003

       I thought it was going to bring things down to Earth from space, but + anyway.
snarfyguy, Sep 11 2003

       what do you use when your hook and line get stuck in the tree?
raisin, Sep 11 2003

       An axe.
Worldgineer, Sep 11 2003


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