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A round tuit

There are lots of tuits around
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I'd finally got around to it - hoe-skimming weeds off the gravel path I mean.

As I feebly prodded with an old push-hoe, I mused about other "tuits" : the hop tuit, the jump tuit, the string tuit, the way tuit, the more tuit and so on ad lib.

Then I suddenly saw in my mind's eye, a "better" hoe, a round hoe, a loop-hoe, of knife-edged flexible carton cutting steel, useful stuff that.

The 100mm loop would bolt strongly to the handle and in use would combine the functions of pull-hoe and minirake.

Its name? The TUIT of course. I'll make a prototype right now, I day-dreamed.

"No you won't you old fool," said Brain. "You gave your workshop away five years ago."

rayfo, Jun 28 2001


       this sounds like a scythe.
mihali, Jun 28 2001

       Baked. My dad had one of these when I was ten. It was actually a rounded trapezoid at the end of the handle. It worked way better than regular hoes. With a regular hoe you had to chop chop chop. With the open trapezoid hoe you could just chop into the soil once and then drag it along.
globaltourniquet, Jun 28 2001

       <metrically challenged/> I'm not sure if I get the idea. Do I picture this thingy like placing a bandsaw blade into a length of PVC pipe?
reensure, Jun 28 2001

       Reensure About 4 inches in diameter. Yes. Something like that. And thanks GlobalT - I thought it would work well.
rayfo, Jun 28 2001


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