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Audio fence

superfly high pitched screaming security
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Dogs eh!

One problem with our canine colleagues is to train them which part of the garden is good for dog doos, and which part is for you, the leader, the owner.

The audio fence comprises a series of solar powered studs that can be embedded in the lawn or flower bed. Set up a series and to fence off parts of your garden.

Within each stud is a solar panel for power, a motion sensor and a speaker. On sensing nearby motion, an ultrasonic pitch is emitted frightening away your mutt from the municipal areas.

And of course, it won't disturb you.

jonthegeologist, May 29 2007

virtual fences http://www.newscien...rticle.ns?id=dn5079
if it's cruel enough for cows. [neilp, Jun 03 2007]

Dog repeller http://www.tbotech.com/dogchaser.htm
135dB is pretty darn loud! [Canuck, Jun 03 2007]

solar powered studs http://www.astucia....gory.aspx?cat_id=24
last 10 days on 2hrs sunlight. [csea, Jun 03 2007]

Virtual dog fence. http://www.canicom....VzowCFQrlQgod0RNeuQ
I imagine it would be easy to make it solar powered. [coprocephalous, Jun 09 2007]


       I remember seeing a collar which emitted a high frequency sound in a bid to stop the dog from barking, I'm sure the same thing could be tracked around a garden - No idea which would be cheapest/easiest to make.
fridge duck, May 29 2007

       Hey! What is the dog chewing on?
Galbinus_Caeli, May 29 2007

       This sounds reasonably feasible, and I like it. I'd sit outside at night to watch dogs jump. A [+] from me.
awesomest, Jun 01 2007

       Someone's been watching "LOST".
Freefall, Jun 01 2007

       //which part of the garden is good for dog doos, and which part is for you// - do you not find that bits of grass stick to your bum when you use the garden ?
xenzag, Jun 01 2007

       A store I worked in used to sell a dog 'zapper' which was a pocket device designed to be carried by letter carriers, joggers, anyone who might encounter a dog they feel threatened by. When you pushed the button it emitted a strong ultrasonic pitch which was supposed to make the dog uncomfortable and move off. One of the funniest moments I had while selling one was when a customer demanded a demonstration. I patiently explained it was ultrasonic, that he wouldn't hear anything, but the customer insisted.   

       "How can I be sure it works?" he asked.   

       "Borrow a dog?" was going to be my response, but I kept my mouth shut and put a battery into the unit.   

       When I pressed the button a young kid we had recently hired stopped in his tracks and spun around "What did you just do?" he shouted, his hands covering his ears.   

       The customer bought the zapper. Later, I noticed I had a dull throbbing headache, as if I had been standing too close to a speaker or something.   

       The moral of this story? Don't assume the mutt will be the only one who suffers consequences.   

       And I'm surprised po hasn't asked where to order those solar-powered studs.
Canuck, Jun 03 2007

       //those solar-powered studs// Well, they'd be no good to her at night, would they?
pertinax, Jun 03 2007

       See [link].
csea, Jun 03 2007

       This is baked. Fully baked. Almost to a crisp.
punk_punker, Jun 05 2007

       [csea] good link, but these are just solar light studs - mine emits sound when the dogs get close. That's different to your link.   

       [canuck] that link is not solar powered and does not contain sensors for movement. It's human activated and so different again.   

       [punk punker] If you claim it to be baked, it's good form to post a link so we can all see. I don't see a link, so your baked claim doesn't hold water.
jonthegeologist, Jun 05 2007

       jtg, the link I posted was meant to illustrate the device I mentioned in my anno, not to suggest your idea was baked. Sorry if you took offense.   

       I still maintain, however, an unfettered ultrasonic device such as you describe will undoubtedly have some side-effect which would be completely unexpected, as was the headache I ended up with even though I couldn't hear the tone.   

       For example, let's say your Audio Fence works like a charm and no dog, stray or otherwise, ventures anywhere near your prized azaleas. However, on a warm summer's eve you are reclined upon your chaise lounge, a frosty glass of lemonade in hand, and you gaze skyward only to discover there are several dozen bats roosting (do bats roost?) under your eaves. After a lengthy investigation by the local SPCA, board of health, DC Comics, and a neighbour's kid fiddling around with an SPL meter, it is determined the bats are attracted by the high-pitched squeal of the Audio Fence in action. In fact, the ultrasonic sound the fence emits sounds darn near exactly like a female bat in heat, hence all the bats in your "belfry" are horny males. Holy Bat Guano!   

       Keep in mind this is purely speculation. It is also conceivable you could find the ultrasonic sound causes earthworms to dance with joy so all the soil around your home becomes richer and more aerated, making all your flowers bloom brighter and your grass greener than the Joneses'.
Canuck, Jun 09 2007

       A better idea would be to have a collar on the dog that emitted the sound when it got too close to a buried wire. It is such a good idea, that it is baked. [linky]
coprocephalous, Jun 09 2007


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