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A summer holiday everyday

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NMRM Co introduces the every day summer holiday, shares available in this ground-breaking new startup.

Ignoring that rejection by kickstarter (ha! Luddites) I have found a way for everyone to get a summer holiday every day.

By the simple expedient of stopping the planet doing this tedious rotating around a north/south axis bit and converting that into an east-west rotation so everyone can have a summer holiday each and every day.

Suggest large array of solar sails tethered to the south pole, and a large coil over the north pole. The coil generates power and this is used to power the lasers pushing against the solar sails.

not_morrison_rm, Feb 23 2014

The Luddite tower in Ramleh (those are my sandals...) https://www.youtube...watch?v=ihbQQuZCbqY
The guy's from Lud were given rubber ropes to pull the tower back to their own town, from Ramleh. They worked all night and brought it back to its rightfully owned location but as the sun came up, they found it was left in the same spot they saw it the previous evening. [pashute, Sep 01 2014]

But this guy obviously is https://www.linkedi...rison-rm/75/a8b/991
[pashute, Sep 01 2014]

Hey, that's not me, I can at least spell "manager" and "company" some URL which is now redundant anyway
and my name isn't morrison r anyway, as I changed my first name.. [not_morrison_rm, Sep 02 2014]

I blame you.. Hidden_20memory-met...0for_20Pisa_20tower
[not_morrison_rm, Sep 02 2014]


       Oddly, until about 30 million years ago, the Earth did rotate on an east/west axis.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 23 2014

       See, I'm so ahead of my time, I'm in the past already. 21st Century coming up again soon presumably. Hoping to skip the 1970's, not big on flares and orange carpet.
not_morrison_rm, Feb 25 2014

       //Oddly, until about 30 million years ago, the Earth did rotate on an east/west axis.//   

       I think that was the Earth's magnetic field and not the Earth's axis of rotation. Although the these are closely aligned at the moment (about 10° difference), this is not always the case (it was 60° difference 30 million years ago).   

       The Earth's axis varies from about 22.0° to 24.5° (from orthogonal to the orbital plane), with the osciallation taking approximately 41,000 years.
xaviergisz, Sep 01 2014

       Hey, who reanimated this?   

       But anyway, looking back on it, it seems just the dreams of a callow youth, when I was 3.0612244898% younger.   

       As a more mature thinker , it would be more aesthetically pleasing to alter the orbit of the sun, possibly get it go 90 million miles plus and minus at a right-angles to the plane of the ecliptic.   

       Who knows what another 3.0612244898% will bring?
not_morrison_rm, Sep 02 2014


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