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Hidden memory-metal beams for Pisa tower

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So, when drunk students go straighten it out at night, by the morning it's back at an angle...

Also useful after bombings, earthquakes or developers.

No bagpipes involved. Or Leprechauns.

not_morrison_rm, Sep 02 2014

Trial version, but someone but the beams wrong way out http://upload.wikim...,_London_-_2007.jpg
[not_morrison_rm, Sep 02 2014]


       Surely just replace the foundations with massive spring so that the tower can be pulled over with a convenient rope attached to the top and will then spring back with a loud 'SPROINGGG!!!'
hippo, Sep 02 2014

       Wouldn't it be simpler just to surround the structure in question with a giant 3D printer, and just print a new one whenever something happens to it? You could make the 3D printer out of memory metal so you could assemble it easily as needed without it being an eyesore.
ytk, Sep 02 2014

       You can see the original trial, but not quite right. Contractors fitted the beams wrong side out, and so the only office block with outside lavvies.
not_morrison_rm, Sep 02 2014


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