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A watch you can set your 5-o'clock shadow by

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A wristwatch containing a small close focus camera element. After initially setting it, you use it to take a picture of an arbitrary spot on your face several times a day. This includes taking a picture immediately after you shave.

After collecting enough image samples, the watch will know how quickly your beard grows during the day. So if you want to look clean shaven in the afternoon, it can ping you when it's time to scrape off that 5-o''clock shadow. If Nixon had used this in 1960 he might have beaten Kennedy.

It doesn't have to signal you when you need a close shave. If you prefer to have a little stubble (a very popular look these days) it can be set to remind you when it's time to get the clippers out and buzz it down a bit.

(tip 'o the hat to (pertinax] for triggering the idea with an annotation on a different one)

a1, Nov 21 2022


       You son of a bitch, I'm in!
21 Quest, Nov 22 2022

       + I don’t really have a use for this but I really love the title! ( Now I see that owe this bun to [pertinax])
xandram, Nov 23 2022

       Can I downgrade this to a calendar? Maybe of the Mayan two-thousand year variety?
RayfordSteele, Nov 23 2022

       // I see that owe this bun to [pertinax]) //   

       Fair dinkum. I added a hat tip for the idea and I agree we should be able to bun annotations.
a1, Nov 23 2022

       // a calendar? Maybe of the Mayan two-thousand year variety? //   

       Sure. It would take a long time for a cleanly shaven Mayan to grow out even stubble.
a1, Nov 23 2022

       //Fair dinkum//   

       I owed [a1] anyway, for the "Shy Swiss Army Switchblade" idea, so now we're quits.   

       Wait; all this positive creative collaboration: where's the gratuitous snark and back-biting? The bakery's not what it used to be, I tell you.   

       Where are my slippers?
pertinax, Nov 24 2022


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