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A.H.A.B. Car Finder

Automobile Hydro-Alarm Blast
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Call me dbsousa. Having misplaced my white whale (actually a silver station wagon) once too often in the vast sea of parking spaces, I was determined to devise a plan that would track my prey remotely. I quickly discarded the idea of using an audio alarm to alert me to its location, being outside the bounds of good taste. The local constabulary quickly put an end to my second idea, the remote car flare. Despondent, I must admit that I came close to abandoning the idea completely. But then it came to me. By rerouting the winshield wiper fluid through a "blowhole" atop the vehicle, attaching a much more powerful pump, and using a standard car alarm to trigger the device, I could stand in the parking lot, and find my prey with the touch of a button. "Thar she blows" I would yell, as a geyser of water spouted above the SUV's and minivans, providing a beacon to follow in the vastness of asphalt before me...
dbsousa, Oct 01 2007


       I think you would need an extremely large windshield wash reservoir to hold enough water to accomplish this, but it's a cute idea, so I'll remain neutral.
xandram, Oct 01 2007

       Given that a) it's inane; b) you could also use it to soak people walking by the car (wet t-shirt contest!), gets my vote!
DrCurry, Oct 01 2007

k_sra, Oct 01 2007

       [dbsousa] is a giant in the playground.
normzone, Oct 01 2007

       There's a relatively small flamethrower that shoots a 20' spout of fire at the touch of a button. It runs on regular propane bottles. It's intended for film special effects, but hey.   

       Also useful for scaring birds away from your car.   

       Thar she buns!
elhigh, Oct 01 2007

       [Lt] Thanks for the info, I will bestow one wet bun. +
xandram, Oct 01 2007

       ...and here I thought I was going to regret ordering the harpoon attachement for my winch.   

       I love this idea. My roommate says you need a girlfriend, but this truely is a great idea. You may need the LED for suitable use at night though.
ye_river_xiv, Oct 02 2007

       Fog machine and vertically mounted spotlight? Smoke by day, tower of light by night.
sprogga, Oct 02 2007

       "My roommate says you need a girlfriend, but this truely is a great idea."   

       My wife would disagree with your roommate, I think. Let me check...   

       Ow, I was right...
dbsousa, Oct 02 2007

       Some people would get very angry when they find their car soaking wet. Others might get slightly angry.
BJS, Oct 03 2007

       And yet, the rest might possibly take a moment to appreciate the eccentricity of life. [+]
daseva, Oct 03 2007

       love the idea and a bun for the telling anyway.
cblunds, Oct 03 2007


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