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Where's My Bloody Car? Website

Website that finds stolen cars quickly at a price.
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Your car's been stolen - most likely by joyriders who will dump it. And let's face it, the police aren't likely to find it quickly. So in most large towns / cities it will also take some time for you/your insurance company to find out where/if the car has been dumped. It will take a while to get the insurance to pay up. It's likely you're attached to your old car too.

So, you register at www.WheresMyBloodyCar.com and put in your car's details, time and place where it was stolen from etc. You then put in your bank details and agree to the fee should your car be recovered through a website match. £50.00 to the person who finds it. £25.00 to the site. Most insurance policies have an excess figure above this anyway.

The general public / Insurance companies can go to the website and put in location details of any dumped cars they've spotted and receive the fee should it be reunited with it's owner / their insurance company. If this encourages sorta repo men, stolen car bounty hunters all the better. Anyone want to help build the site?

notripe, Mar 03 2002

Dude, where's my car? http://www.lojack.com/
These people will know... [StarChaser, Mar 03 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Where's my car? Dunno, why don't you phone it and find out! http://news.bbc.co....hnology/2333705.stm
Latest news on car security, including GPS tracking and a function which allows the car to phone you if it thinks that it's being stolen. [DrBob, Oct 18 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       You don't need a site. Just go have a look around North Lanarkshire. Its bound to be there.
mcscotland, Mar 03 2002

       On fire.
calum, Mar 03 2002

       In Detroit, there wouldn't be any parts of the car left.
phoenix, Mar 03 2002

       I'm voting for this, entirely based on the possibilities invloved in Mr. Sealy's annotation.
mcscotland, Mar 03 2002

       Star, lojack's cool - but it doesn't say how much it is, it doesn't cover everywhere (not widespread in the UK either) and the WMBC.com service is for people whose car has already gone and have no other way of getting it back.   

       Peter - um, don't get how putting in other details would cause chaos - the lost and found sections would obviously have to match before action was taken - otherwise they're just logged on the system. Or you'd be paying £75 for someone to find your neighbour's car outside his house.
notripe, Mar 03 2002

       I believe Monsieur Sealy is implying that one of the car repo men / bounty hunters would probably steal the car from your neighbor in order to collect the reward, non? It would be rather comical to see them come running out of their house just in time to watch someone drive off in their brand new Mercedes.
Pseudonym #3, Mar 03 2002

       anyone who's stealing a brand new mercedes (or any other car)for £50 is not going to be criminal mastermind extrodinaire really now are they?
notripe, Mar 03 2002

       Notripe: I know, that's why I didn't say 'baked'. But it's one way of doing it. I think the cost varies with where you have it installed, which is why they don't have prices...
StarChaser, Mar 04 2002

       So bums (sorry, street people) could walk up and down the road, collecting license numbers, entering them into your website via a "found" laptop, and collecting enough money on a good day to pay for internet service and a hot meal? I like it. It beats picking up cans.
ldischler, Oct 18 2002

       If it's bloody, I'm not sure I _want_ to find it.
bristolz, Oct 18 2002


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