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GPS Trip Planning

Live Network for fast trips
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Someone may have already had this idea, and it will happen soon in the next 10 years.

You build a network of cars that use GPS. Based on how fast the cars are going on roads, that road's weight is adjusted. Normally trip planners such as mapsonus.com take the speed limit signs, but this network would have live data. This would automatically track things like traffic jams, or accidents. So it would plan a trip for you on the fly.

Normally you'd travel to your destination the regular way, but if the GPS network has determined your regular way is significantly slower than an alternative route, the alternative route will be given to you.

JimSager, Aug 23 2005

The Oven fired up... http://www.TomTom.com
Look at their Tom Tom Go Plus service under Traffic [Dub, Aug 23 2005]

Like this http://www.pioneere...3_269505659,00.html
[Shz, Aug 23 2005]

Communicating Cars by [flyfast] Communicating_20Cars
This is the closest one to your idea [krelnik, Aug 23 2005]

Route by Example by [krelnik] Route_20By_20Example
This one is more of a long-term solution, not traffic oriented per se. [krelnik, Aug 23 2005]


       Sadly well on it's way to the bakery. What gets me though is that at the moment it's fine... Very few people have SAT NAV... What happens when everyone has all the same information?
Dub, Aug 23 2005

       We've already halfbaked a couple of ideas very similar to this, see my links. I think your idea may be redundant with "Communicating Cars".
krelnik, Aug 23 2005

       Pretty good +
zeno, Aug 23 2005


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