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Accelerate Shipping

Intercept and upgrade package shipping class
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My hypothetical package delivery company will offer this service. Say you have ordered a box of whatsits and widgets, and as you're in no particular hurry to have the parts in hand, you elected to ship by the cheapest and slowest available method: ground delivery. A day or two later those whatsits become terribly important, gotta have'm NOW! You call the vendor, and are told "Oh, yes, that shipped yesterday." With my new service, you can call our 800 number, or visit our website, intercept your package at it's current (or next, if in transit) distribution center, and upgrade it to a higher speed shipment. Of course you would have to pay the full shipment charge for the new level of service, from the origination point (not from the mid-shipment intercept location) plus an upgrade fee (percentage of total?), but if you're in such a hurry you should expect to pay for it. This will probably be cheaper for you than placing a second order with your vendor and having THAT order shipped overnight.
gardnertoo, Feb 15 2004


       What about widgets on a slow boat from China?
Aristotle, Feb 15 2004

       Yes, [scout], but did you get an "A" on that term paper you purchased? And was it worth it?
jurist, Feb 15 2004

       UPS wouldn't do this for me last week, hence the creation of this idea. Have they dropped a previously existing service? Or did I just get an employee who didn't know they offered such a service? I thought I was creating something new.
gardnertoo, Feb 16 2004


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