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Automatic proof of posting mailbox

No more queueing ...
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Sometimes it's very useful to have proof that something has been put in the mail.

In the UK, proof of posting is free, but you have to queue in a Post Office ...


Now, from BorgCo, comes the Proof of Posting mailbox.

The box only accepts items up to A4 in size and up to 10mm thick.

If you just want to post something, put it in the slot and the feed rollers will pull it in; simple. A system of contrarotating friction rollers ensures that only one item can be inserted at a time.

If you want proof of posting, insert a coin as payment before inserting your item; once it has been ingested, the system photographs both sides and prints a receipt with a unique identification number.

Go to the mail carrier's website and enter the number; you will then be able to view an image of both sides of the mail item along with details of its date of posting.

8th of 7, May 02 2012

Intelligent Mail (Postal) Box Intelligent_20Mail_20%28Postal%29_20Box
Almost the same, and yet somehow strangely not. [8th of 7, May 02 2012]

Packstation http://en.wikipedia...kstation_01_KMJ.jpg
You can send or receive parcels with these futuristic German postal booths. [idris83, May 02 2012]


       practical...bun anways.
FlyingToaster, May 02 2012

       Ideally, the postbox should produce X-ray photographs. This would be a boon not only to people who need to prove that the said item was indeed in the package at the time of mailing, but also to owners of hamsters with suspected fractures.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 02 2012

       In the UK, proof of postage will cost you a coin. But you have to stand in a queue behind some pillock rubbing a coin vigorously up and down the side of the postbox, in the hopes it will work the umpteenth time.
4whom, May 02 2012

       I don't get it. Maybe this in response to an issue our broken-ass USPS doesn't have.
Alterother, May 02 2012

       //In the UK, proof of postage will cost you a coin.//   

       Proof of postage is free, in the sense that it costs no more to send something with proof of postage than without.
There are other services which do cost more - proof of delivery, insurance etc.

       //I don't get it. Maybe this in response to an issue our broken-ass USPS doesn't have.//   

       It's useful for various reasons. Primarily you can claim (up to a certain, fairly low amount) for items which the addressee will attest to not having received. However, for no valid reason you don't get your money back for postage, so you're still slightly out of pocket, even excluding time wasted.   

       As an exceptional case,I got back a little more than the contents was worth when the postal service decided to try and extort more money for delivery of a correctly stamped letter I'd sent, while lying[1] about who it was from. Then ruining the contents during return.
Renumeration only happened because I'd validated the postage at the Post Office; so the proposed system would also need to check weight as well as size.
(Incidentally, I think you've got the size of the receptacle wrong, assuming you're aiming for the current 'large letter' service. Large letters are necessarily a little larger than A4, since unfolded A4 sheets have to fit inside the envelope.)

       [1] To be fair they were likely just incompetent and wrong.
Loris, May 02 2012

       [Loris] my anno should be read with the prefix: "with this idea," in the UK, proof of postage costs a coin.   

       As per the original idea //In the UK, proof of posting is free, but you have to queue in a Post Office ...//
4whom, May 02 2012

       // items which the addressee will attest to not having received. //   

       We have Certified Mail for that.
Alterother, May 02 2012

       //my anno should be read with the prefix: "with this idea,"//   

       I probably should have figured that from the following sentence, shouldn't I?
Loris, May 02 2012

       Certified Mail is different; we have that too, "signed for". That's no good if you know the person will be out when the delivery attempt is made. Proof of posting is just that, no signature required, no tracking number, just a written receipt that you posted an envelope to the specified address.
pocmloc, May 02 2012

       I see. I'm not sure if we have that.   

       At least I get the 'bake now. It makes sense.
Alterother, May 02 2012

       USPS Certified Mail by default only gives you documentation of posting the item. If you want "Delivery Confirmation" or "Adult Signature Required" services, it's the same form, but extra boxes to check, and extra cost.
lurch, May 02 2012

       I'm sure I saw a self-service parcel posting machine in a post office in France a decade ago. IIRC it would photograph and swallow the parcel after you'd stuck the label on it (but I might have dreamt that part).   

       It seems that similar self-contained posting booths have sprung up on the streets of Germany and other countries since, which can also be used as PO boxes to receive parcels at. [link]
idris83, May 02 2012

       Red Cross parcels, no doubt.   

       Don't mention the War ...
8th of 7, May 02 2012

       [idris83] specifically mentioned France and Germany, that puts it firmly in Red Crescent Territory. The good people of the Red Cross will never do that, well perhaps. If you mail us a few Greek bonds to flay those maniacal Turks with.
4whom, May 02 2012

       Hmm, sounds like our Express Delivery Service, which has a tracking number label and separate, yellow, postboxes for mailing. Overnight delivery, anywhere in the country (though that becomes 48 hours in remote areas) and can be optionally insured at a cost, though it has to be done over the counter. Fixed pricing, which is slightly higher than regular postage.   

       The tracking number can be followed up through an online interface.   

       Proof of Receipt (Registered Mail) is a slight cost option.
UnaBubba, May 03 2012

       Proof of Postage is mainly useful for things like coursework submission for distance learning - the package is worthless for insurance purposes, but if it is lost/late you need to be able to prove you sent it on time so as to get permission for a late submission.
prufrax, May 03 2012


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