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Accelerated Water Drinking Bottle

A water bottle with a plugged hole in the bottom, remove the plug while drinking to accelerate your waterflow.
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SO! You're thirsty. You just ran a marathon. You take some water, and you drink it. That water is NOT coming out fast enough. BUT with my accelerated water drinking bottle, you pull out the rubber plug on the bottom of the bottle. The vacuum is removed from the bottle, and the water FLOWS out, at a super fast rate. This is the same concept that college students use to drink beer SO FAST. Except it's water, and except that the hole is designed into the bottle instead of cut there with a knife. You get a lot of water fast. You're so hydrated. SO MUCH! It's great!
billmckenna, Jun 28 2003

3 pints? in a record time of 5 seconds? http://www.drinkstu.../product.asp?ID=126
[po, Oct 04 2004]

Accelerated Water Drinking http://www.michaelh...ct.asp?pfid=6931232
There, that should do the trick! [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]


       Did you come up with this idea from drinking the bong water?
shazam, Jun 28 2003

       baked years ago. babies milk bottles used to have a hole at each end.
po, Jun 28 2003

       A one way valve... This probably works better. I'm concerned--will it let air in fast enough to get the SO-FAST effect?
billmckenna, Jun 28 2003

       Po: Do you know of any water bottles that use the concept though? I suppose you could drink water out of a baby bottle... But the thing is, the idea is great with water bottles. Really--try it. You put that water bottle to your mouth, and the water is in you within seconds.
billmckenna, Jun 28 2003

       This can't be healthy...
phoenix, Jun 28 2003

       how big a bottle are you talking about. if I take a swig from a 2 litre bottle, it comes out a whole lot quicker than my throat can cope with.
po, Jun 28 2003

       The Federal whatever that pronounces on drinking water has recently changed is mind. After promoting "hydration" for years for marathon runners and other sportspeople, now they just recommend drinking only to sate your thirst. (Apparently some people were drinking so much water when running marathons, they would pass out.)
DrCurry, Jun 28 2003

       I heard once that drinking water fast is good for you. Then I heard that drinking water too fast is bad for you. This is not going to turn into Goldilocks…   

       I, when I was young, drank water straight from a garden hose, and I can say it is possible to get an upset stomach from too much water too fast.
swamilad, Jun 29 2003

       As quick as Frappucino goes down the hatch, Starbucks may be on to something with their bottle shape.
thumbwax, Jun 29 2003

       We called this a shotgun in high school. You open a can of beer, then open the other end and drink it down in about three seconds.   

       So, baked.   

I drink.
I drank.
I have / had drunk.
snarfyguy, Jun 29 2003

       I don't understand, snarfy, how it don't all end up on the carpet.
po, Jun 29 2003

       I think you hold it upside-down, ready to drink. A can opener is used to puncture the (raised) underside, which acts as an air intake when the pull tab is pulled.   

       I never quite saw the point of this way of drinking & so didn't participate. But it's my understanding that it was a popular thing to do.
snarfyguy, Jun 29 2003

       linky winky to a yard of ale
po, Jun 29 2003

       Thanks snarfyguy, I fixed it. Now I can go to sleep and forget the rule, and come back tomorrow and post something else wrong. ta ta.
swamilad, Jun 30 2003

       Another important aspect of the shotgun is to initially suck as much air/beer out of the can as possible. Then you open the other end. Since nature abhors vacuums and sober students, the beer rushes down the throat.   

       For a few dozen good examples of this process in action, go rent the mockumentary "Fubar". Actually, go rent it anyways. Funny flick.
rapid transit, Jun 30 2003

       if you pull a plug on the bottom wouldn't the water run out of the bottom. Think about it.
Itsmy6, Jul 02 2005

       Swirl it into a vortex and it will drain much, much faster.
bristolz, Jul 02 2005

       Depends on the shape of the bottle. Often, the swirling actually slows the egress of the water by thowing it centripugally outward and hence up the sloping neck of the bottle (ie, it can't go down and out the hole because the centripugal force is throwing it outwards). This often counteracts the advantage of having an open air channel in the middle. Experiment time, I think.
Basepair, Jul 02 2005

       OK, data is/are in. You're right for wine bottle (square or slopey shouldered). Swirling is only slower for a wide 5l container with squarish shouders and a relatively narrow (about 4cm) neck.
Basepair, Jul 02 2005


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