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Anti-Backwash Soda Top

Have you been drinking out of the bottle again?
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One-way fluid valve with pressure relief air poppet. Also available for 12-oz. can tops.
RayfordSteele, Apr 18 2003


       I got them backwash blues again, Mama.
thumbwax, Apr 18 2003

DrCurry, Apr 18 2003

       he only told you that to stop you swigging his ale :)
po, Apr 18 2003

       I am a bit dense when it comes to picturing theoretical 3D descriptions... what happens to the fluid that is backwashed? Kept in an "air poppet?" Maybe it should just spill off of the sides to embarass the backwasher and discourage future backwashings.
colaaddict, Apr 19 2003


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