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Accessible Way Out Law

Sanity law prevailling over war orders
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A global military law / treaty that if any soldier wants to leave the conflict ( gets his / her senses ) the military can not legally bind them . How can a war be fought if everyone wants to leave ?
wjt, Sep 26 2003


       reminds me of that old conundrum that madness is a reason to release you from military service but you must be sane to want to escape the conflict.
po, Sep 26 2003

       thank you.   

       oh lovely link. didn't he have a great smile.
po, Sep 26 2003

       Now, can you do something about the dead man in my tent?
RayfordSteele, Sep 27 2003

       I'm serious , You seem to glossing over a deeper truth . (or thats what the voting seems to portray ) If man wants to evolve , should humanity etch in law things to try and achieve .
wjt, Sep 27 2003

       croissant eating chickens ( oops did I say that ) I don't mean people can't be soldiers or fight and war for what they beleive in . Just that a law should be made so you can't force someone to war for you .
wjt, Sep 28 2003

       I think it is a profoundly good idea; but a kind of wouldn't it be nice if---idealism to it. +
amosj, Sep 28 2003

       If there is no facts standing in the way , why not ?   

       Shows us who the tough world politicians are , doesn't it ?   

       funny: Your war opponent could take you to the world court because you didn't let you soldiers go AWOL
wjt, Sep 28 2003


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