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Change birthday by deed poll

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The current way things work (as far as I know) is that one can legally change one's name but has the same birthday for life. Why? What's the big deal with birthday... so you can't change your age? But so what? Society is meant to be anti-ageist, maybe being allowed to change your birthday will help. Plus as a bonus, we can stuff that horoscope rubbish in the bin once and for all.
lubbit, Nov 13 2002

George Washington did this http://www.wundermo...XHelp/calXTDIH.html
the first U.S. president changed his own birthday (scroll down) [krelnik, Oct 17 2004]


       Sure, change your birthday. But you still won't be able to change your birth date, so you still won't be able to change your legal age, and the horoscope things still run rampant.
tyskland, Nov 13 2002

       tyskland: I tried to mean "change" in the same sense as "change your name". So after you've done it, that's what it is for all intents and purposes. Or maybe it isn't. Maybe birth date is more of a "fact" than a mere name, so we can't just change it. Or maybe... what was your point again?
lubbit, Nov 13 2002

       Unless done for reasons of fraud, we can't see any reason why not. We expect that lots of people who have birthdays in December and January will want to move them to another part of the year so they don't lose out by getting combined Christmas and Birthday presents.   

       We also think it should be legal to divorce relatives through a simple, quick, low-cost process.
8th of 7, Nov 13 2002

       8th: if you can divorce your relatives you must also be allowed to marry them.
lubbit, Nov 13 2002

       Errr... well, not exactly "divorce". Just a legal document that says emphatically, "That loud-mouthed, stubborn, opinionated, tactless, offensive old bag is absolutely nothing to do with me. "   

       Essentially a legal option to unsubscribe to relatives and family members, rather than having to hire a hit man, or club them to death with a chair leg when they start coming out with all sorts of offensive rubbish at wedding receptions and the like.
8th of 7, Nov 13 2002

       Baked. Several "celebs" have different birth dates that they pass to the press than the dates they were actually born on.   

       Baked. Several women never seem to get past their mid-20s until it becomes laughable.   

       You can celebrate your birthday whenever you want. The Queen has 2 each year. I believe the Chinese all celebrated their birthdays on their New Year. As [tyskland] says, it doesn't change the actual date you were born.
PeterSilly, Nov 13 2002

       Yeah, why the need to make it 'legal'? No one but your HR person needs to know the truth...
phoenix, Nov 13 2002

       Excellent idea. I was born on Valentine's Day, which never was much of a problem, but I know plenty of people with "problem" birthdays. Besides those with the misfortune to be born on a Leap Day, anyone born within spitting distance of Christmas can essentially expect to be present-challenged for their entire lives. And various dates have become associated with infamy.
DrCurry, Nov 13 2002

       Having a birthday near to Christmas can be an advantage (I speak as one who knows), as a too-expensive-for-one-occasion gift can be spread between the two days.
angel, Nov 13 2002

       Reminds me of the old story about George Washington. He was actually born on February 11, 1732, but when the calendar was changed 20 years later he decided to alter his own birthday to compensate. So it is now celebrated on February 22. (See link).
krelnik, Nov 13 2002

       Shortly afterwards actually [bliss].
angel, Nov 13 2002

       Being born on Earth Day may explain the fact that while I tend to vote republican, I'm a closet enviromentalist. Speaking of which, the environment in my closet needs some addressing...
RayfordSteele, Nov 14 2002

       The Environment
Ray's Closet
The Mid-West

Or perhaps you meant
"Dear Environment"
angel, Nov 15 2002

       It's January 1st here. (Horses, not coral. We don't have that much coral. And I don't know when it spawns.)
angel, Nov 15 2002

       The rule in England still is that you can use any name you like as long as you can persuade people to call you by it. In practice that now means going thru a deed poll process, because "people" includes government agencies which won't use your new name unless you register it. But surely that's a good principle for age changes? Someone trying to be 22 forever would have to bring X number of witnesses who had known them a while in front of a judge, and if all these people can swear it with a straight face, the new age becomes legal :-)
moyabrit, May 21 2007


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