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Cell Phone Endorsement

Want to talk and drive? Prove that you can.
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Instead of taking either extreme: letting anyone who wants to use a cell phone while driving, or letting no one use one, I propose a better solution.

Make it illegal to use a cellular phone while driving, unless you have a "cell phone" endorsement on your driver's license. This is similar to the idea that you need an endorsement on your license to be able to drive a motorcycle.

In order to get the endorsement, you'd simply take the standard driving test, except you'd be talking to someone on your phone while taking the test. If you pass it, you get a cell phone endorsement on your license.

vaporboy, Nov 06 2003

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       What about subsequent tests, like the makeup-application, eating-with-silverware or cooking-while-driving? ... all of which I see on a daily basis
Letsbuildafort, Nov 06 2003

       //you'd be talking to someone on your phone while taking the test// make that: have a flaming row with someone..
po, Nov 06 2003

       I don't think cell phones are THAT much of a problem on the roads that people need endorsments. As I recall, and I don't, cell phones are responsible for about 3 some percent of accidents in the US.
dickity, Nov 06 2003

       Cell phones are already illegal to use while driving in Australia...and 3%? I happened to read this last night, that's something like 26 deaths per year and 330,000 injuries...not too mention people who are distracted by anger after having a close encounter with someone on a mobile phone (these can't be included in the statistics obviously). That's not a number to be passed off as not 'THAT much of a problem'. Remember it's not the three that is important it's the percent... I don't like voting things down, but I have to with this one - people shouldn't be allowed to drive with a phone, no matter how good they are - but we can't stop them. Compulsory re-testing every five years, that would get my vote. And public awareness campaigns for newly introduced road rules would too. Sorry, [vaporboy]...obviously you've hit on a personal sore spot for me...
inc_b, Nov 06 2003

       As if driving examiners' jobs weren't hazardous enough.   

       "Move into the right lane....now make a 3-point U-turn while talking about the movie "American Beauty".... OK, you're getting another call, so press Flash....now turn left at the corner..."
phundug, Nov 06 2003

       Just a thought, kiddies, isn't sitting your driver's license an 'endorsement' you can drive? Does that mean you WON'T have an accident? Nope. 'Endorse' cell phone talkers as much as you want, it don't mean its a good idea to focus on talking when you should be focussed on driving...
seedy em, Nov 06 2003

       How far do we go with this one? A driving test while 5 or 6 times over the limit. See, I didn't even spill a drop - the advanced test could include puffing on a spliff while tanked up - or would that be reserved for politicians??
megauk, Nov 06 2003

       [aka] I think you made a very important point.
Mistress Bling, Nov 07 2003

       I don't know about Europe or elsewhere, but in the U.S. of A. the problem is text messaging while driving. I see people trying to type into their phones while driving.   

       I once watched a man drive for at least 4 miles while typing into his phone. He looked at the road for 'maybe' a Œ mile, tops. At least the road was reasonably straight and nobody was killed. No cell phones in car, thank you.
Klaatu, Nov 07 2003

       what if, during the exam, it turns out you're not paying any attention to the phone-conversation, or that your answers aren't making sense ? Can you still get the cell-phone endorsement ?
sweet, Nov 08 2003

       [klaatu] how much attention were YOU paying to the road while you were watching that man and his fingers ? I imagine how distracted you must have been, since you remarked that he was writing a message, and not reading a message or playing snake..
sweet, Nov 08 2003

       [human] and some heavy idiots behind that cheeseburgers, since they eat&drive just because the law permits them to..
sweet, Nov 08 2003


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